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Happy Birthday Bruno Mars!

  • Happy Birthday Bruno Mars!

    Today's the big day! Bruno Mars Birthday!! Leave Bruno a b-day wish below! 

    Posted by Busy
    October 08, 2010

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Busy's picture
on October 08 2010

Today's the big day! Bruno Mars Birthday!! Leave Bruno a b-day wish below! 


Cutebrunomars's picture

I really forgot forgive me please happy birthday

LexiCastaneda's picture

Happy birthday bruno!! <3 Thank you so much for making great music that always makes me happy when im down. Thank you for telling me im amazing just the way I am. Thanks so much for giving me somthing to look forward to and then giving me the concert experience of a lifetime in pheonix. Thank you thank you thank you.

Khuora's picture

Happy Birthday !!!

ErtsaAmpeldenta's picture

I'm one of hooligans that proud for everything of you . keep your way .wish you all the best . god bless you :* I LOVE YOU :* ({})

JayReignGrepo's picture

Happy Birthday to the best artist of this generation! All Hooligans are very proud and happy for the achievements you have.. And I'm proud to be one :))

Happy 28th Peter! Hugs & Kisses :* I LOVE YOU! <3

ElifCabbar's picture

happy birthday :))

chasey's picture

Happy Birthday Bruno

Dakota22's picture

Happry 26th Birthday Bruno mars!!!!!!

jblank10890's picture

Happppppy Birthday Bruno

Sapphire's picture

Happy Birthday to my Favorite Artist, producer, and musician...BRUNO MARS:)

The biggest Bruno&#039;s fan's picture

Happy Birthday Bruno?
Hoping that your day will be as special as you are.

Sarah B.
P.S. I love you!

LoveBruno_3's picture

Happy Birthday Brunito.. May God bless you.

Maritza_LaCubana's picture

So How are we celebrating Bruno's Birthday this year...He's done amazing and come along way since last year so I'm sure he's gonna do it big... can't wait to see what up :0)

Angelica A.'s picture

I know it's very late, but it's better to be late than never :) I just want to say BELATED HAPPY BIRTHDAY BRUNO!!...May God Bless you and your family, and may He guide you everywhere you go. Since you're getting more famous now, people will find different ways to bring you down, ruin your spirit and most especially your career, always remember that as long as you know who you really are, as long as you know yourself, then all the negative things that people are going to throw at you should NOT matter. Keep writing meaningful songs, keep on doing what you are doing! You are a very talented person, and thank you for sharing your talent to the whole world.
Love you so much. Be strong!

Angelica A.
Toronto, Canada

gurlrockz's picture

i know its a week late but still i want to greet you a HAPPY ? HAPPY ? BIRTHDAY? always remember they got "NOTHING ON YOU" baby, and you "CAN COUNT ON ME" like 1.. 2.. 3.. i'll be there though i know i'm not perfect but "WHO IS".... BRUNO, you're so amazing.. "JUST THE WAY YOU ARE" and i want to be a "BILLIONAIRE" to see you.. and kiss you and do it all over "AGAIN"...

hehehe hope you'll like this! :-D

--JJ.'s picture

late message but happy b-day, bruno!
i really think you are an unique artist with an incredible voice.
@emzeetamargo, your'e right, i hope your career takes off and never lands!
cause your amazing, just he way you are,
and when you smile.. no joking!
one thing: hope you keep doing what your'e doing now and make the best you can!
xoxo your #1 biggest fan from holland.

ps. i've made a fanclub for u, the biggest one in holland!

emzeetamargo's picture

happy belated birthday bruno! your an amazing singer, and i cant wait to see you play live. your performance on snl was dopeee. i couldnt stop watching it. everytime i hear your voice, i smile and i'm happy. i hope your career takes off and never lands, cause your amazing(:

i love bruno mars_11's picture

hi i love u so much u have an amazing voice i normally get over a song after a while but i am still in love with just the way u r and me and my best friends song is billionaire and i wish i could meet u i really hope u had the most awsome birthday eva one of your biggest fans (in the whole wide universe)

Melanie_24's picture

Happy Belated Birthday!!! We love you up here in Canada... Can't wait to see you here!!! xoxo

Mutiara's picture

HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY PETER GENE HERNANDEZ (: I hope you had a wonderful birthday and I wish you all the success for the future! xoxo Mutiara

PS. Please come to Australia, specifically Brisbane haha.

missDlovesBruno's picture

have a good good day bruno.. i wanna great u a happy happy -b-day..

xoxoNatasha's picture

? Happy belated birthday bruno mars! God bless ? & ROCK ON. xoxo, die-hard fan. hehe.

Oana Roxana's picture

Happy Birthday !!!

goldnlady88's picture

Happy b-lated!!! cant wait till your in cleveland!

GameFreak's picture

HAPPY LATE BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


belated peter gene hernandez. ? stay safe :)))0) we love you :)

wan nur amirah's picture

happy belated birthday BRUNO !~

Jamiie023's picture

Happy belated birthdayyy!!!!


justmeagain's picture


ashley20's picture

omg bruno sorrry i havent been on here in a couple days i didnt even know it was your b-day so happy late b-day :( hope u had fun. and lets just say we even cause u dont know mine...feb 1 lol