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Erick Charles's picture
on January 27 2011

Want to help promote Bruno Mars in your town? Join the Official Bruno Mars Street Team now and get official promo pieces, like the new GRENADE sticker!


Pam Mars3's picture

does this still exist, can i join this official bruno mars street team??! ^.^

ervanv's picture

Who is the only one asian in bruno mars band? Can anyone tell me his name? Reply me on twitter @ervanv

fokitho's picture

i want to be apart of the bruno mars street team! i am from Mexico :D

Drea2's picture

I'm having trouble getting the link to work for me, but definately wanna become part of the street team in hopefully Erick or someone can get back with me..thx...

Sineadmarieknowles1993's picture

I want a sticker!!!!!

Adrianexoxo's picture

how do i become one??? can anyone answer me

sermin_irfanoglu's picture

i want to be apart of the bruno mars street team!
i am from Melbourne, Australia...

I have already liked the facebook page and i have emailed you but i have not heard back ??

thanks Erick

ablanco1's picture

i want to be part of the street team! i already promote him enough here in atlanta! me and my bestfriend Sylvana talk to everybody about him EVERYWHERE!!! you can literally ask randoms and ask how they know about Bruno and they will most deff mention us! We already like the pg on facebook so i guess ill check out the missions part of the pg or send you an email erick! thanks for the info!

ain razali's picture

im so upset for not getting his ticket in malaysia..:(

MsBrunoMars's picture

Go street team! :D

Juliana Mars's picture

first sorry for english !! Cool I will try to learn more about it! I live in Brazil .. I am a big fan of Bruno and the gang! Here I do what I ask of radio music clips and so on .. rsrsr ... I hope he soon will come to Brazil with all this success I hope it's soon .. Kisses !!

Erick Charles's picture

Hey Britbrat - When you go check out, you should 'LIKE' the page and click on MISSIONS at the top of the page. I also send out info about new contests, missions, and more through updates on facebook. Let me know if you have anymore questions.


BrittanyNicole's picture

Sounds like a plan! Can you please explain some more about this?