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Locked Out Of Heaven Live in Paris

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Bruno Mars WebCrew's picture
on January 02 2013

Check out Bruno's performance of 'Locked Out of Heaven' in Paris:


TainaMaria's picture

canta e dança de mais BRUNO MARS voce e MARAVILHOSO TE AMO

LucianaFraso's picture

hot dance yeaahhhhhh

AstridCano's picture


comedymann's picture

I am a a 61 year old man with ailments galore including incurable lymphoma. I haven't heard anybody in the last decade, that has made me want to get up and dance, like you, Bruno. The music is fantastic and the band dances in the horns. Please come to Los Angeles or Anaheim. I am putting you on my bucket list as a "MUST"!!

erginkajmeran's picture

I watch every day, never getting bored, bruno mars atmosphere is great very good ;)

FangYuLin's picture

I wish i was there!!!
Bruno you are so amazing!!!

kkmacmail's picture

please do a world tour soon! Agree: EVERYONE wants world tour! How about Boston? We love you ;-)

danitza_gil's picture

cool performance, but it would be better if you could do one in my country! EVERYONE wants world tour.

Sigried's picture

Why don't you do a world tour? Everybody could see his/her best singer ;)

iamruthnicole's picture

How I wish I was here to watch my idol :)

ladyrose31's picture

Sweet! the best, I myself lock up in the house

ladyrose31's picture

I love this song superb... Good job guys

guillerodri25's picture

why not in spain :S

Wavanie H.'s picture

Hey Bruno, since you love reggae fusion, make a stop in the Carribean man (Jamaica :3)...Please?

annablomma's picture

Sweden is waiting for you Bruno, when will you will be here? I just wonder:) You are absolutely wonderful in every way:) and i love to sing with you if i could you know exactly how to make the music flow really smooth and easy, maybe coz youre a libra like me? ;)

Jonhson's picture

Ah always Bruno mars

Jenifer Aravena's picture

te amo!!!! por favor incluye a Chile como país de inicio.. gracias ... te amo bruno el mejor del mundo :)...

ggagen97's picture

This was such a good performance
He's a born entitainer!!!!

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Lea_03's picture


alwayswithBru's picture


BriaWilliams's picture

Me gusta. :)

AnaPaulaMediVig's picture

Good for them!! Come to Perù baby!!

Leila Freire's picture

Amo demais...

isilakyildiz's picture

Bir insan bu kadar mi tatli olur <3
I love you Bruno Mars. Come to Turkey please please please please <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

EzgiElibol's picture

Önemli olan boy değil ses . Bu adamı seviyorum
I Love You Peter Gene Bayot Hernandez ( BRUNO ) <3

Modefreak's picture

I love you !
You are the greatest Boy in the world :)
MARRY ME ::)))))

little..hooligan's picture

come in zagreb

Natalie Morgan's picture

P E R F E C T !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Nai's picture

You bring me to my knees, you make me testify ! *-* wonderful I love you Bruno! <3