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'Locked Out Of Heaven' Performance On The X Factor

  • 'Locked Out Of Heaven' Performance On The X Factor

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    Posted by @thanhechelon
    December 14, 2012

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Thanh_2's picture
on December 14 2012

'Unorthodox Jukebox' Available Now! Click HERE to get your copy.


Cookies08's picture

I love Bruno Mars he's cool and awesome!

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bestproducts's picture

good listen

fitriulina's picture

Wow ! I was very surprised that it would be in english ! She did an amazing job ! CONGRATULATIONS ! Keep up the good job ! click here

jaxaza's picture

awesome music, i liked locked out heaven..
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jinxsky84's picture

I love Bruno Mars.I uploaded all of his hit song.Keep up the great works.

STav4xe24z's picture

It was well performed. I like it. Awesome and amazing. - buy instagram likes

obatjerawat's picture

obatjerawat's picture
YahaidaAmatistaMjjBautistaSuarez's picture

Es increíblemente perfecto, como lo Amo

JúliaPradoPimenta's picture

can i put him in my pocket?! =) i adore all performances

kari21's picture

BRUNOOOOOOOOOOOOOzzilllessssssssss !!! I freakin adore this performance!!!

Puby's picture

Attempt listens to audition x Factor Indonesian, old girl 16 year it takes songs From Bruno Grenade Mars is still put on school uniforms

IbukThierry's picture

go awesome!

Brunette's picture

Wow ! I was very surprised that it would be in english ! She did an amazing job ! CONGRATULATIONS ! Keep up the good job !

Brunette's picture

What are you talking about ? By the way, Bruno Mars is performing on the GRAMMYS Award Show, on Sunday night, February 10th ! I will be celebrating my first year anniversary, of having been his fan ! I discovered him on last year's Grammy Show ! What an amazing performer ! He has been performong since he was two years old. No wonder he's so-o-o-o great ! He is Fantabulous, as well as Fabtastic ! Oo wee ! I just love Bruno Mars !

ponjenku's picture

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aysenur sertkaya's picture

brunooo? why didn't you reply to mee :'(

Brunette's picture

To you ? Why not to ALL of us ? Is there a Bruno Mars Fan Club ? He will perform on the GRAMMYs Award Show, on February 10th ( Sunday night ). I will have been his fan for a year on February 12th ! I first heard of him, when he performed at last year's Grammys award ! I was in for a pleasant surprise ! I have been MESMERIZED every since ! Bruno Mars is Fantabulous and Fabtastic ! I love Bruno Mars ! ( Don't you ? ).

Triasyuda's picture

Come to Indonesia please....

aiseruno's picture

why dont u come to turkey ?? whyyyyyyyyyyyy ?? i love you my hearttt

aysenur sertkaya's picture

you're the one. i loveee uuuuuuu

ArjetaHyseni's picture

I love ur voice and this song it`s awesome

Dilara Karadeniz's picture

so good!!!!!!

Geraldinicole's picture

Wow !!!!!! amazing <3<3<3<3<3!!!

MariGiorgobiani's picture

Come to georgia :))))))))))))))))))

HeudayfaBanHaddou's picture

hola veva bruno mars

mawazine morroco

CassyanaCarla's picture

Cada Perfomance um melhor do que a outra...Musica Lindaa Eu amo ela <3

kirstyshawberry's picture

each live performance gets better and better and BETTER!!!!!! I will never get tired of listening to this song and him in general <3

twashington42's picture

I love this song, def a hit and great performance!!!!!!