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Thanh_2's picture
on November 21 2012

Listen to the new track from Bruno. Click HERE to download the song now on iTunes.


Belizean gial's picture

know that no matter what you seem to be feeling in the lyrics of your songs it always connects with your fans, because you are just an ordinary person with a extraordinary talent. Take us to the moon to see the stars from there.

ava_bel's picture

This song is one of my favorites. Bruno I am very please. Know that rest of your fans will be too.

Ingrid_3's picture

Moonshine, There was no doubt of this song! She is perfect! another part of you! perfect sound, good words, good rhythm, a beautiful voice! ... of Bruno Mars, obvious! simply superb!

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Sofings's picture

Pease come to Norway? There are so many here that will make will make you the Bruno Mars? <3 <3

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The♥BrunoMars♥Lover's picture

This song catched me when i listened it the first time!!! Now i cant live without it!!

AnaMachado's picture

perfect music; perfect voice; perfect all
i love you
you are amazing :)

A really nice girl's picture

Awwwww love it *___* I could listen to it a million times and I wouldn't be bored:)
so proud to be a hooligan, I love you Bruno ♥ ♥ ♥

Alondra_sotelo's picture

Addicted to this songg <3 c:

Hooligan4BRUNO's picture

:D Love it! Love it! Love it! >.<

Hooligan4BRUNO's picture

:D Love it! Love it! Love it! >.<

EliHooli's picture

Bruno is always getting better. Locked Out of Heaven and Young Girls are both GREAT, but this...this song has something special. To me, Bruno is the Prince of Pop <3

AmandaB's picture

thanks for posting "moonshine". Don't have itunes and $ is very low. Easily my favorite of the last 3 releases. Other 2 are wonderful BUT this one really lets his love show. aaahhhh so beautiful!

MarsSars6656's picture

OMg I`m addicated OmG it`s sooo catch, perfect, & beautiful!! soo proud to be hooligan!! <3
love ya Bruno!!

Loneva's picture

preciosa!!es como volver atras pero con mucho mas talento y clase,preciosa toda la musica que haces sea del estilo que sea Soul rock da igual todo suena fantastico

mereartist's picture

great song! takes me back to the 70's - 80's. I close my eyes and can imagine Michelle Pfeiffer dancing to a song like this at the club in 'Scarface' or Rocky driving around alone at night in his Jaguar thinking about his last fight with Clubber Lang.

shanise's picture

Love the song!!!!!!!!!

Laura's picture

Woooooow this song is so beautiful <3 I'm absolutly in love with it!! Thank you Peter Gene Hernandez for your fantastic music! I love you Bruno <3 :)