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Moonshine Jungle Tour Billboard Review

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on June 25 2013

Check out Billboard's review of Bruno's Moonshine Jungle stop in Philadelphia.


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bruno mars colombia te ama principalmente yo

Lissa0208's picture

Just saw him in Austin, Texas and literally the BEST CONCERT EVER!! He is a talented musician. Love love love him!!! :) Please come back to Austin, Texas.

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I can't believe I missed his performance in Philadelphia!! Didn't know he was coming to Phila. Don't know how that happened????

CMonstersMom's picture

Epic performance at Staples this past Sunday. It's been a long time that I've actually sang and danced my way through a whole concert. You all rocked and the energy coming from that stage was infectious! Love you guys!

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I wish I could have gone to the concert, but unfortunately because of distance from LA, I could not. Hopefully, he will be doing a show/appearance in Philadelphia, PA and I will then be able to attend. I love Bruno's style (it is so different and that is what makes him successful - he is not like any of the others who are out there today. I love his voice and his gorgeous looks. He has a lot of energy and is full of fun. He worked so hard to get to where he is and I hope he never changes and will always stay true to himself. He has an amazing future ahead of him. (One thing - I wish he would not smoke -- it could ruin his voice in time and cause other problems which I would hate to see happen)

MissMTKM's picture

Talented performer and I would love to see him do comedy. Yes comedy because he is hilarious!

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I was at the Staples Center (Los Angeles, CA) Saturday, 07/27/2013 concert. Bruno and company performed really great! The performance would have been perfect if the volume was "balanced" and toned-down a little-bit. MAN, IT WAS LOUD! Too bad that it drowned the vocals. I understand that the effects had to be loud, that's fine. However, may I suggest to get a better sound engineer. A second concert is slated tonight..."let's get ready to rumble!" It will be another great show by Bruno and the performers.

palisadeslady's picture

I was at the concert at Staples sunday night. They fixed the balance problem and volume problem. Best concert I've ever seen. What talent!!!
Voice like an angel, beautiful songs, funny in places, really enjoyed the dancing and the band. So fresh and different. Loved the light show and the visuals on the screen. I realized the difference in this concert and other artists is the fun that everyone on stage is having. Never seen an audience cheering so much and really loving the show as much as last night. With all the stress in this country lately, Bruno Mars is like a bright light spreading such positivity and sweetness. What a beautiful night!!!! Thanks Bruno!!!!

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I have never been to a concert where I felt like the show was really for me. I felt like Bruno Mars and the guys took the time to make sure I enjoyed myself and was left feeling full of love for him and music in general. AWESOME SHOW!!!!!!

tintin.setzer's picture

I was totally amazed by your concert <3 I love you more than i could ever have. From Edmonton :)

TatianaSouza's picture

Hello peter i´m big fan i´m hooligans Nice too me too I LOVE YOU FOREVER <3

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Bruno and Hooligans I LOVE YOU SO MUCH!!! ONE DAY, COME TO PARAGUAY PLEASEEEEE! We need your perfet music and perfect voice. Hooligan Huuug♥

Nicki China's picture

Bruno,Bruno.I love u .Thanks for your amazing shows.

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meira's picture

Please please india! Pleaseeee!

Analyssa's picture

Bruno you are so gifted there is nothing you can't do! I wish I could see you perform because you truly are the greatest :)

dgorgo's picture

I totally agree. He is VERY gifted. Hopefully, one day I will get to see him perform live

touman123's picture

Wow bruno mars ta du talent mais je me demande si tu tien t'en a tes fans si tu y tien t'en écrit moi quelque chose sur les commentaires de ton site! Et déso pour le commentaire je suis Québecois,

suzanne Britto's picture

Bruno volte ao brasil!!

Nicki China's picture

我爱你,Bruno!I love you so much!P!ease come to China!你多久能来中国呢?

free's picture

Bruno, come to China, please!!!

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I want to see u so badly :( , youre the best one, i just love love love u , people who saw ur performance are just the luckiest people ever, im jealous :( , love u and stay who u are always <3

AngelaMoffatt's picture

Bruno Mars is an amazing performer. The best concert I have ever been to. I can't wait to see him again.Is there anything that this young man can't do?

Juliana Theodoro's picture

Having seen some videos of the new tour, I noticed how Bruno is now apparently recovered from the shock of early June, and I inevitably think how the stage, the music and the love of the fans should really be helping him to move on. I recently read an interview from a Brazilian singer, who coincidentally is called Bruno, in which he talks about his two-year-old son who died in 2011. I think the following excerpt illustrates what should also be going on with “our” Bruno:

"The stage has always healed my wounds, separations, quarrels. I knew it had such power over me. (...) I suffer because I know the pain. It never goes away, it is only asleep. (...) Now I know that only love saves. When you feel loved, you understand that you are not alone. "

It must be like this. For a musician, who is passionate for what he does, the stage will be his “escape route”, and together with all the love and positive vibrations transmitted by the fans, this new tour seems to be the best therapy for Bruno at this time.

Hope to see this concert next year, here in Brazil!

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i can't wait to see you in africa

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I saw Bruno last night at the Prudential Center and I agree that it was the best concert I have ever been to. So much talent - amazing!

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I saw Bruno last night in Newark at Prudential Center and he was AMAZING...drove there from the Pocono's!!! I would go to another one of his concerts!!! It was the best concert that I have ever been to...he has so much energy!!!

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bruno!!! It just gets better!!!!

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I llove Bruno Mars <3