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Moonshine Jungle Tour - Hooligans In Hawaii

  • Moonshine Jungle Tour - Hooligans In Hawaii

    Back at it again... Bruno and the Hooligans are back on tour! 

    Check out this video shot from their amazing show in Hawaii. Get ready to dance folks! 

    Peep the tour dates HERE.  

    Posted by @thanhechelon
    May 28, 2014

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Thanh_2's picture
on May 28 2014

Back at it again... Bruno and the Hooligans are back on tour! 

Check out this video shot from their amazing show in Hawaii. Get ready to dance folks! 

Peep the tour dates HERE.  


KirstenKannemeyer's picture

Bruno!!! You NEED to perform in Cape Town, South Africa :'( you are such an AMAZING vocalist and entertainer <3 I love you!!

selene stampa's picture

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! THIS IS A VERY SPECIAL DAY!!! Twenty-nine years ago, in the beautiful city of Honolulu, was born an angel. Still very small, already showed on stage exactly what he would be. The years passed and the time to be presented to the world was approaching. He came like a meteor. Their songs quickly began to be sung on every continent, as if it were a magic formula with the power to unite people so different. After Michael Jackson is gone, no one had managed to fill the void that was inside me, but he yes, he did it. Now, he is part of my life. BRUNO, on his birthday, I want to wish you all the hapiness in the world, good health and peace, so that you can continue filling with LOVE and JOY the hearts of his fans, composing beautiful songs and leaving women crazy with his voice and their performance on stage. Mio caro, possa Dio continuare a benedire la vostra carriera e la vostra vita.Ti amo per sempre!!!

Lw316's picture

Does anyone know if he is doing a meet and greet in Vegas next weekend??

AlessandraMorais's picture

estamos te esperando no Brasil!!! I Love You Bruno <3

Brunette's picture

Hey y' all I am back - k - k - k ! I was " under the weather " since July 10th ! It is not fun getting OLD !

More garcia Hooligans's picture


SandyYovanaRoque's picture

I really liked the video <3

iLyDc's picture

Can't wait for my first Bruno Mars concert! August 17 can't get here fast enough.. Even better that my husband and I will share this experience together =) as he enjoys his music too..

maria jose monarde's picture

I loved the video

krissie's picture

Dang Brunette I need to hook up with you. The next time Bruno Is in NC we should go see him together. We could have our own lil unofficial Bruno Mars Tour Bus. lol

krissie's picture

Bruno has done a couple of concerts in my state (NC). I wasnt able to get the time off because I was on a new job, but if he comes back around Im sooooo there with the rest of my fellow Hooligans taking plenty of pics so I can share them with the rest of you.

Brunette's picture

I came down to Charlotte, N.C., to see his concert last year on August 21st ! I also saw him last year in Washington, D.C on June 22nd ! I was suppose to have gone to see him on June 14, 2014 in Raleigh, N.C., but I had an emergency, so my daughter was able to sell our tickets back to Ticketmaster, because of a high demand of tickets . . . the concert had sold out when the tickets first went on sale ! My daughter made money by reselling our tickets ! No lost for her, but it was a BIG LOSS for me ! I literally CRIED ! Yes, this old woman really did CRY ! ( Boohoo ! ).

Brunette's picture

Oh my ! I forgot until today, that Bruno Mars and the Hooligans are performing in the United Kingdom on July 5th and 6th, 2014 . . . then in Hartford, Connecticut on Wednesday night, July 9, 2014 ! I thought they had a week off ! My bad !

Brunette's picture

HELLO to Hartford, Connecticut ! Are you read for SHOW-TIME ? ! Well on July NINE, Bruno Mars will BLOW YOUR MIND ! Y'ALL are in for the concert of a lifetime ! ENJOY ! I certainly did ! Um hum !

danielle machado's picture

oh bruno! faria tudo para poder assistir a um show seu te amo vem dar ao brasil a honra de te ter aqui bjs /dany

Brunette's picture

Hey y'all, did you hear about the 11 year old girl, Zumyah Thorpe, who survived a carcrash, and pulled through her ordeal, thanks to the music of Bruno Mars, which the nurses played for her daily ! AMAZING ! She was at his concert in Cleveland, Ohio, as his special guest and he went into the audience and sang to her as well as gave her an auto-graphed guitar, one of his fedora hats, a stuffed animal and a tee shirt. Oh, the best part . . . a KISS on each of her cheeks and a great BIG HUG ! Oh - h - h my ! Now that is what I call great medicine ! Heehee. It was very thoughtful of Bruno Mars to do ALL of that ! He is my idol FOREVER ! Whatta man. . . what a MIGHTY GOOD MAN ! Yes, that's MY guy !

vicky-brunomars's picture

hi bruno mars i'm uruguyan and i love you please come my city =(
i loveeeee youuuuuu

Brunette's picture

Be PATIENT ! I am certain that Bruno Mars will visit your country in the near future ! That is worth WAITING for . . . yes indeed ! It will be the THRILL of your life ! Believe me !

krissie's picture

Ive not had the pleasure of seeing Bruno in concert and would jump at the chance to buy 2 dvds of it. Yes 2. I need a back up for when I play the first one to death.

Brunette's picture

Gee, I just realized that you want to buy DVDs of his concert(s) ! I do not think there are any, but a few have been down-loaded on You Tube by people who videoed on their cell phones the concert that they attended. I have concerts of James Brown that are on VHS tape, which he had taped and then SOLD, so maybe Bruno Mars will do the same in the future ! I would love to watch his concerts on DVD ! Over and over AGAIN !

Brunette's picture

You can only buy his CDs in the TARGET stores or from the Bruno Mars shopping site. Oops, I just googled and saw that his CDs and merchandise are also available on AMAZON ! Yippee ! Google it for yourself.

Brunette's picture

That is a FANTASTIC idea ! Then we would get to see the entire concert(s). By the way, he does not like peolpe taking video of his concert and posting them on You Tube ! Other artits have sold videos that go along to their songs, like Alicia Keys and Michael Jackson of which I have BOTH, and I am waiting for Bruno Mars' videos to be available for sale. Yippee !

canuckgirl26's picture

Bruno, Please let your fans know if you have plans to release a "Moonshine Jungle" Tour DVD. Many of your fans are requesting one in the forum. Your concert was just so amazing and clips on "Youtube" just won't do. Please make our wish come true this Christmas.

Brunette's picture

By the way, I saw two of his concerts last summer and they were fantastic ! Due to an emergency, I had to cancel the June 14th concert, but my daughter plans to take me to his concert in Virginia or Connecticut.

RaquelCortez's picture

Bruno Mars cuando vienes a Argentina!!! Eres mas que bienvenido!!!

Brunette's picture

Hey Bruno Mars, please- e - e stop using the " pick-up " line at your concerts ! That song, " F* You " is tarnishing your image, so do another gimmick or just say " Forget You ", which is appropriate for the children who attend your concerts ( and old folks like me ) ! Afterall, it is the " beat " that we like the most !

LittleElvis's picture

Sorry but f*ck you's lyrics is amazing

Brunette's picture

Little Elvis ? Is that YOU . . . Bruno Mars ? If so, then I meant no harm, but I am just concerned that some are trying to tarnish your reputation and may have you in the same catergory as Justin Bieber, et al ! You have worked TOO HARD and have came so far in the last 4 years, so it would be a castastrophe if your career was undermined / sabotaged, etc. ! The lyrics, " Forget You " will suffice. ( wink, wink ). It is only the " rap-crap " that needs profanity and sex to sell its music. . . not the phenomanal Bruno Mars !

Brunette's picture

Not if the lyrics are directed to a specific audience member, who is married or so she said, but why would she spend that kind of money to be on the front row, if she is married ! The nosebleed tickets would suit a married person's budget ! Yes, the song is amazing even when Forget You is used ! I love the " beat " the most. It is his song, GORILLA, that I cannot stand to hear or watch the video ! Yuck ! In any case if you google the story you will see in the comments that some people made a big deal out of it ! I just do not want Bruno Mars to have a tarnished reputation like that of Justin Bieber and a few other celebrities who I won't mention. PROFANITY and SEX are not needed to sell GREAT music,but maybe to sell " rap crap " !

DaianeDutra's picture