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People Magazine's Sexiest Man Alive Issue

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Thanh_2's picture
on November 20 2013

Check out Bruno featured in People Magazine's Sexiest Man Alive Issue! He's featured in the special "A-List" section intended for men who are timeless.


Tashalicious Mars's picture

All right do u no wot bruno mars ISNT the sexiest man in the world!!! Mate hes the sexiest mofo in the universeeeeee!!!!!!!! Xoxoxoxoxo i love u brunooooo plz follow back on twitter @rachel_deni and btw dont no weirdos start followin me plz xoxox

Hine's picture

Hello Bruno Mars congrats

deeloveee14's picture

cant believe hes not married when hes totally gorgeouss<3

gemzy98's picture

I <3 YOU , need to come back to the UK in Sheffield :) <3

sidialta's picture

love you bruno mars

PrincessCourtny's picture

Bruno you need to come back to Washington, DC

MiryelleMoret's picture

We're waiting for you to come back in the Rio de Janeiro *---------*

iamGlai's picture

Been waiting for you to come back here in the Philippines, Bruno! This is a very surprising advanced Christmas and Birthday gift for me!!!! =)

CriisVenturaSariita's picture

Republica Dominicana te espera :D

alecita vasquez's picture

chico lindo *--* aquí en Venezuela os estamos esperando :* éxito para todo lo que hagas.

majohooligan12's picture

Peru wants Bruno concert please, we love you, you're my idol.
Do you know? You're the reason why I want to be an artist when I grow up I'm only 12 well turned 13 in February please come to Peru would be the best birthday gift.
The first song I heard from you was The Lazy Song and donot know why but just to hear that song as I called the song of the monkeys I love and from that moment you are my idol.

Sandra Elizarraras's picture

Bruno come to México please we love you so much <3

Deni Castañeda's picture

Bruno Mars I love you and would really like to meet you

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Jessica Fernandez's picture

Oh my Abraham Lincoln Bruno! Awesome

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Brunette's picture

Well, Bruno Mars certainly is more handsome than Adam Levine ! Bruno Mars IS the most sexiest ! Whatta Man, Whatta Man ! By the way, he has a video by that same title, so google Bruno's Whatta Man video ! It is SEXY ! Yes, " Baby Squirrel " is a sexy MF ! Heehee. I love-e-e-e Bruno Mars ! He is performing in Newcastle, England tonight at the Metro Radio Arena, and then he will be home for Thanksgiving ! He will go on tour AGAIN in Australia and New Zealand on February 28, 2014 ( with Miguel as his co- star ), and his touring ends on March 6, 2014 ! Yippee, then he can work on another album ( CD ), so there can be a " new tour " ! I am READY ! I was lucky to see two of his concerts during the summer . . . Washington, D.C. and Charlotte, N.C. ! ( Thanks to my loving daughter ! ). He is AMAZING ( kiss, kiss ) !

dgorgo's picture

Bruno definitely is MUCH more handsome than Adam Levine and is MUCH more sexy!!! He has a certain charisma and charm about him that makes women melt. And is has the most beautiful eyes.

nikymars's picture

I agree with you, certainly Bruno is the most sexiest man of the 2013!!

EliHooli's picture

I had no doubt about that <3

Sofings's picture

Bruno you are the sexiest man alive! <3 I ove you so much and I hope you come back to Norway soon!! Hope you had a great time in Norway! <3

Franciane's picture

Concordo mto verdade , digam que não é lindo!!!!

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love you's picture

It isn't just the face,the smile,or the talent..its the down to earth personality and sense of humor that is enormously attractive,sexy,sensuous...slightly.I would love to sit down to dinner and drinks with this guy,and his Dad..shoulda been he smells as good as he looks too.

Liliana_Pinheiro's picture

Tell me something that is not new :p He is gorgeous !

thesmartestgirl's picture

He's a phenomenon. Like I'm 28 and I never ever been attracted to actors/singers/people shown on TV. I just once had a poster in my room, when I was 16 or 17 and it was David Duchovny's :D (I loved Mulder from XFiles)and that was strange I guess. But this guy makes me feel special. Every time I hear his voice, every time I see his videos I feel like I'm home. He's very attractive and sexy but at the same time I don't see that aggression and offensive approach as many pop stars show now with regard to women. He's amazing :)

Brunette's picture

YES, yes ! Bruno Mars is FANTABULOUS, and this old lady loves him also ! I have his picture in my bedroom, along with my other idol, and I have made a fantastic picture album ! I saw two of his concerts during the summer . . . Washington, D.C. and Charlotte, N.C. ! I would have loved to have seen All of his concerts on the east coast ! Maybe I will do that, when he tours again, since I am RETIRED !

A&#039;Lady's picture

I Agree....Find Me lol

Brunette's picture

What do you mean . . . " Find me. " ?

dgorgo's picture

Love Bruno! His Dad must be very proud of him and I think it is so great that he is able to be with Bruno on the tour. His success is well deserved since he works very hard. If I ever had the chance to speak to him in person, I would tell him to please take care of his health and don't ever change who he is; that he has a great personality(anyone who has met him says he is a very down to earth person); that he also has a great sense of humor, along with having an amazing voice and awesome looks. I would also tell him that "he is amazing just the way he is".