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Shazam Bruno's Performance Tonight!

  • Shazam Bruno's Performance Tonight!

    Watching the big game tonight? Shazam Bruno's performance and the broadcast for an exclusive live video and more! 

    Posted by @thanhechelon
    February 02, 2014

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Thanh_2's picture
on February 02 2014

Watching the big game tonight? Shazam Bruno's performance and the broadcast for an exclusive live video and more! 


Brunette's picture

Watch him ! He got it ! He is super-bad ! ( wink, wink ). My kind of guy ! Um hum !

cufi's picture

What to watch from there

Suda's picture

COOL PIC!! Charming eyes!!

Brunette's picture

His eyes are MESMERIZING !

DianitaMars's picture

" I wanna be on the cover of Forbes magazine..." you dream come true another success!!!

Brunette's picture

Bruno Mars was inside of Forbes Magazine, in an article," 30 under 30 ", not yet on the cover with Oprah and the QUEEN ! He wants that to happen after he becomes a BILLIONAIRE ! Remember ? Well, he is on his way to becoming a billionaire, and I hope the Queen ( and Oprah ) will still be around ! The Queen has an easy life, so she may be around until she is 100+ years old !

Brunette's picture

Forbes Magazine ? WHEN ? ! ( I'll google it ). I thought Bruno Mars wanted to be a BILLIONAIRE, before being on the cover of Forbes Magazine, between Oprah and the QUEEN !

Brunette's picture

QUESTION ! . . . . Why is there only an audio on You Tube for Bruno Mars' song, " If I Knew " ? I would love to see a video showing him down on his hnee, etc. ! Heehee. A little BEGGING never hurt, although the song is more " apologetic " than a " begging " song ! Heehee. I love that song and it reminds me of Sam Cooke's song, " Bring It On Home To Me " ! ( A real " begging " song ! Um hum ! ).

selene stampa's picture

When Michael Jackson died I thought that I would never more,never ever more fulfil the emptiness in my heart. So, one day, I heard on the radio a voice that accelerated my heart-beats and I asked myself who is singing? Someone told me that "his name is Bruno Mars". I began to listen to him several times, his songs, his music, his wonderful voice that led me to paradise. When I saw him for the first time on stage I was sure that it was him. It was him who had come to fulfil the emptiness in my soul and in my heart. How good it is to know that you exist!!!!!

lyn_5's picture

I felt exactly the same, I listened to his music from Gorilla and Grenade, but I just couldn't watch him, without a massive TUG at my heart as it was like watching a young Michael Jackson/Jackson 5 and James brown all rolled into one!Time has passed and now I watch him and his band in awe, and along with you so happy that he exists x

Brunette's picture

GORILLA is the only song of his that I hate, because it is inappropriate for children and old folks ! He has a Miley Cyrus moment when he performs that song ! Well, he needs to tone it down, because people of ALL ages and races attend his concerts. It reminds me of MJ's song, " Thriller ", which caused him backlash from his church ! MJ's career began to fall from that time on, and the accusations began, etc. !

Brunette's picture

Wow ! My story is similar to yours ! I was a James Brown fan for almost 50 years, and I grieved his death for 6 years, until I saw Bruno Mars on the 2012 Grammys, and he stole my heart with his version of the James Brown dance, while performing his song, " Run Away Baby ", and I have been a Bruno Mars fan ever since . . . 2 years and 17 days today ( March 1, 2014 ). YES, Bruno Mars cured my grief, and made my heart alive again ! I attended two of his concerts last summer, and already have a ticket to his concert on June 14, 2014, and I hope to see him twice this summer ! He is truly AMAZING ! " Whatta Man, Whatta Man " ! Um hum ! ( Google his video by that same title . . . . it is SEXY ! ).

Mejetta's picture

A true performer and class act!I know your Mom and family are very proud of you and your success. Don't let that fame ever change you! I Love You The Way U R Bruno :)

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Lestatka's picture

I just watched both! The superbowl performance and Ellen show, he is so amazing, I love his humor! :-) Always make me smile

Brunette's picture

For those who could not watch the ELLEN show on February 10, 2014, because of the Olympics, you can google " Bruno Mars Responds to Disgusting Backlash of the Super Bowl " on Ellen Degeneres show " ! Bruno commented to the New York Times' article which said he was not BIG, because he does not have a " fragrance ", or is not seen in the Tabloids, etc. ! He gave some great advice to inspiring musicians, which was very thoughtful ! I loved his dance to the ROCKY theme ! What a " champ " ! Bruno Mars is my idol for the rest of my life ! Um-hum !

ladymystikal's picture

My husband always gave me the side eye when me and my 2yr old be jammin your music. Ever since that drum solo at the Super Bowl, he is now officially a Bruno Mars fan. :) THANKS BRUNO!!!

Brunette's picture

From side-eye to OPEN EYE ! Well your husband has seen the LIGHT ! Bruno Mars really opened your husband's ears and eyes ! Many DOUBTERS have been ENLIGHTENED !

Brunette's picture

NEWS FLASH ! Bruno Mars is going to be on the ELLEN show on Monday, February 10, 2014 !

DENTA's picture

it's sexy photo
thank's bruno,,,

PatriciaaSouzaa's picture

Bruno loved the show, was very good, like to see him singing and seeing their joy is transmitting to all! I love you Bruno, and coming soon to Brazil, muuitos eager fans waiting for you here for your show! I'm your number 1 fan :)

URaTru3Tal3nt's picture

You guys are an amazing band! Great job! Touching moment at the end with Just The Way You Are. Bruno, your voice, perfection! Take care of it.

LeslieWilliams's picture

That was an amazing performance at halftime. It was classy, energetic, and entertaining. You really did an outstanding job and you didn't need to take your clothes off. You definitely have a GOD given talent and thank you for sharing it.

tnnunley's picture

Tears again for this Gods gift. You always make me feel as if I'm in a once in a lifetime dream. Wonderful performance as always.

CocoSue's picture

Thank you Bruno
You made your mom so proud in the heavens above!

A mom

ApriilHdeez's picture

mi bebe lo hiciste perfecto <3

Lilylub's picture

How proud I am to see the great performance last night and all the congratulations !
Tks for the video livre from Paris "Je t'aime, je t'aime, je t'aime!" :)

laura ayude's picture

I love you Bruno, come to Argentina please. Anoche en el superbowl estuviste genial. MARAVILLOSO.

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Halftime was explosive like dynamite! Your drum solo, your dancing, the way you smoothly transitioned into 'Give it away' &the RHCP joined you on stage!*! The dancing & energy, you flawless vocals & most of all you could see that everyone was having fun. I was dancing in my living room. The energy spilled right out of the TV & into my soul♡ I'm buying some tickets for me and my daughter& her friends. It is her 18yr bday & we will be seeing you 6/25/14 @ Summerfest. (Worlds largest musical festival) in Milwaukee, Wi. I just love that you are kicking off the 10day festival!! Fingers crossed I get through Ticketmaster & get these girls awesome seats:) you have us hooked * Hooliganforever♥