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Tour Announcement and Fan Surprise on Ellen

  • Tour Announcement and Fan Surprise on Ellen

    Bruno announces 'The Moonshine Jungle World Tour' on Ellen & surpirses one of his fans with a special prom treat.

    Click HERE or the image to watch!

    February 14, 2013

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Bruno Mars WebCrew's picture
on February 14 2013

Bruno announces 'The Moonshine Jungle World Tour' on Ellen & surpirses one of his fans with a special prom treat.

Click HERE or the image to watch!


Hine's picture

I wish that was me next to Bruno Mars lucky girl

amymars's picture

you are so amazing!! i would die to be emily!!! xoxoxoxoxoxoxooxoxoxo <3

tiger1975's picture

You have a beautiful heart Bruno. I love you.

MyaBrunoGirl's picture

your so sweet and generous i love you bruno

AmandaLolita's picture

Que garota de sorte, ela dançou abraçada com ele!!! menina sortuda, Bruno você tem que vir para o Brasil de novo, nós te amamos!!! você é muito talentoso, um ótimo cantor, além de lindo.

boogiebabii's picture

That was sooooooo cute i sure wish it was me

pattymon's picture

that was a cute episode. he seems so sweet...lucky girl

ShanellyGarcia's picture

Oh fuck I wish that was meeeeeeeeeeeeee <|3

Thania_MinkyMoo's picture

Please come to South Africa! <3

VERONICA SB's picture

you are a very talented person! thanks for your music :)

intan aprilia rahayu's picture

come indonesia bruno :)

mionita562's picture

Too sweet. Emily is so lucky.

jelena31's picture

Come to Serbia, pleaseeee

Suciaty Agung Prabowo's picture

please, come to Indonesia.

KateDare's picture

Pls come to kuala Lumpur,Malaysia....Plssss.....

Linda Angeles's picture

i love youuuuu!

NancyJ's picture

This reminds me of when Marcia Brady asked Davey Jones to the prom!! Kind of corny...and cool at the same time ;)

ashleighwhite_'s picture


Thania_MinkyMoo's picture

Me too! :P But sooo happy for her too! lol

Lilia_Bruno&#039;s_Treasure's picture

Lucky Emily! I will have to see him a few rows back, but I will see him when he comes down to L.A, CA!!!!! DAMNN IT! lol

Carolien1978's picture

Bruno is so kind beside the Great Voice! Hè is ALWAYS there for us.He Gives us joy and happines.When we all are together with Bruno on the stage..time doesnt matter.We all wanne MAKE a big party and enjoying the moment together...that Feeling is the Bruno Mars Thrill You Will never forget.From that moment your ADDICTED.So Please god i Need Two tickets for the concert in Amsterdam...LOVE You sunshine Bruno

NancyJ's picture

YES!! He gets people off their butts... "Yo, tonight we celebrate. We celebrate the beautiful Miss Whitney Houston. Get off your rich asses and let's have fun!" only Bruno!

julieshepard's picture

Bruno Mars, I have always loved your music. I swear you had a relationship with someone who was in the military, I feel that through all the songs that you right. I have been in the Navy and my husband is currently serving in the Middle East for a year.
You walk with me everyday, your music inspires me and takes my mind away from the currents struggles that I go thru. My daughter and I are hoping to get tickets for your concert in Washington dC this summer. Thank You for sharing your talents with all of us.

loramai's picture

You should come to Cleveland, Ohio the home of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame & Museum.

RosaneVieira's picture

I wonder if you actually read what we write here!

SaqibKhan's picture

sound awesome

BaharEmirdağ's picture

love u B.Mars not Ellen!

Tessa_2's picture

baby, you are the greatest. To do what you did for that girl just blows me away. She will have that beautiful memory for the rest of her life. You are truly a gentleman. I hope to see you when your tour comes to NY. Keep on rockin', and please remain "Just the way you are". a hooligan 4 eva!!!'s picture

Nooooooo q lindooo!!!!!! Bruno Mars si hubiera sido yo no se te llevo conmigo y no te dejo ir nunca mas!!!! Es mas te abrazaria y no te soltaria mas!!! Te juro casi m largo a llorar yo d la emosion!!!!! I LOVEEEEE!!!! ♥ ♥

NeslihanAmil's picture

ah ölseydimde görmeseydim bunlarııııı dostlaar :'(