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'Unorthodox Jukebox' Available Now!

  • 'Unorthodox Jukebox' Available Now!

    Two years in the making, it's finally here. Click HERE to get the new album!

    Comment below and tell us your favorite track off the new album!

    Posted by @thanhechelon
    December 11, 2012

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Thanh_2's picture
on December 11 2012

Two years in the making, it's finally here. Click HERE to get the new album!

Comment below and tell us your favorite track off the new album!


Lisa.Valia's picture

The title is like album, perfect!

Carolina Battilani's picture

Parabéns! O álbum esta incrível! De excelente qualidade! É difícil escolher apenas uma música... Adorei todas as faixas! :)

idan rakovsky's picture


YvonneMak's picture

when i was your man and money make her smile, others also great!

Diva 57's picture

Brilliant album love Young Girls,Locked Out Of Heaven, When I was Your Man................but I could say all of them..............a cd, once again with so many good tracks!!!

Vinuthna's picture

One year hard work!!

ikaprettys's picture

When I was your man and Treasure!!!
butttt all of them were magnificent=))

Unty Mare's picture

Just bought it online and can't wait to get it.

Nida Mars's picture

NATALIE is the best! :)

ChelsealovesBruno's picture

Thank you Bruno I love Unorthodox Jukebox! I just bought it today and I swear it's already paid for itself. Thank you so much for the acoustic demos, especially young girls, cuz they're the best.

amcruey's picture

Just drove 30 minutes to get your cd! It was sooo worth it!!!

PaulaSofiaMeza's picture

this album it's perfect, my favorite is treasure <3 OMG the music i really love u peter *-*

LockedOutOfMars's picture

It's been a long time coming, but the wait is finally over! ;)

TiannaMars8's picture

Amazing, Love every song but favorite is Show Me <3

Young Hooligan's picture

The album is gold!! My favorite is When I was your man. But i also love Natalie and if i knew.

Emmy_B_Mars's picture

Love all the song! :) If i had to chose...Locked out of heaven and Young Girls :)

Queenkat's picture

WHEN I WAS YOUR MAN!!! It's amazing!!!!! I wish you could sign my album!!! I live in NYC and your in NYC hey we can meet ;-) lol

Brunomarskiss's picture

I love all the tracks but Gorilla is my favorit :D

DuaAhmed's picture

LOVE THE ENTIRE ALBUM!!! If I had to chose... then - YOUNG WILD GIRLS!!! <3

Elisass's picture

I love you and this album :)and I love the track Locked Out Of Heaven! Bruno Mars<33 Thanks for making so good music!

Rafaela Atayde's picture

Nossa que pergunta dificil. LOOH, Show me, Gorilla e mais 7 faixas. I LOVE.

MarinaGeneHernandez's picture

I love the music Locked Out Of Heaven

biabenjamin's picture

I just gotta say THANK YOU! And I promise that one day I'll tell you this looking at your eyes. Your music takes me somewhere out of this world while I'm listening to it. It's impossible to describe the feeling that I have. I don't even know you in person, and yet I feel like I know you better then I know myself. And I'm SO thankful for everything that you have brought and still bring to us with your music. I'll never stop loving you, cause you make me believe that it's possible to continue, when all I want is give up. I'll be supporting you till the day I die. <3

Radek's picture

YEAH MAN! Wooooho:D My master conquers the world again!

Rich Persen's picture

Nice spot on the TODAY show this morning, Bruno & band. Your new album will be a total hit!

AomOrtonKitschCenaJackson's picture

so cool!!!! Bruno ^______^

luvBrunoMars_2's picture

I'm loving this new album! Yay Bruno Mars does it again<3 Nathalie better watch out!! lol

keyner_ALH's picture

ya llego el dia *-*

Teresa Conway's picture

I am so ready to celebrate at the Unorthodox Party!! Thanks Bruno for giving ur Hooligans Unorthodox Jukebox! : )

Marième's picture

So coooooool !!!!