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Unorthodox Jukebox Vinyl Available Now!

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Bruno Mars WebCrew's picture
on March 12 2013

Unorthodox Jukebox Vinyl LP features an exclusive poster insert with your purchase!


amymars's picture

i waited 6 hours outside golden discs and got this on the first day it came out

Any Mars ❤'s picture

I love this!

Timesred's picture

Really admire Bruno Mars and this community! Please take a look at our boys' band on Twitter - @Times_Red. Times Red is a cross between Bruno Mars and Maroon 5. Listen to their songs, download their EP “Just No Good For Me”!

Bella0911's picture

Wow! Bruno Mars. Looking forward to going to your show in Miami, Florida. August, 2013.

Not Available's picture

Damn lucky people that get to see him. Crap! I can't even buy a burger at McDonalds. I LOVE THIS GUY.

李旋's picture

When are you going to China?Now a lot of people like you, oh, including me.I've been quietly like you two years, you lazy song

GuitarLover5432's picture

I need to get Bruno Mars' attention... somehow. I was thinking this would be the place, so whoever is seeing this right now and has contact with Bruno himself, please, please contact me. I have a friend who has very serious depression, and everyone around her is concerned for her. She absolutely ADORES Bruno Mars, so I was thinking if she could get in contact with him somehow it would just make her life THAT much better.
Please, I know this is a lot, but I would be devastated if anything happened to her. I love her, and I just hate seeing her in this rut. This would mean the world to her.

Not Available's picture

Wow, I'm sorry for that, but haven't you considered maybe taking her to a concert? That could make a difference.

Amanda Jaine Ramos's picture

Euuuu Precizo *o*

tanama's picture

ya yo tengo el cd y me fascina, esperando a Agosto para verte en el Amway en Orlando.I have the cd and I love, waiting to see you in August in Orlando Amway.Love U

ara.celly's picture

:O lo quiero...pero no tengo para reproducirlo! :(

ThisHooliganCrazy's picture

i want it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Meganhernandez15's picture

july 22 will be the shit!!! I'm super exited bruno! i love you so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! its not even funny

cbandbm's picture

I can't wait to see you in Auburn Hills, MI !! :)

DomAllie's picture

I'll be at that show too! If you don't mind me asking which seats did you get?

Sofings's picture

I love you so much!! <3 I can't wait to the concert in Norway!!<3