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Thanh_2's picture
on December 07 2012

A lot of you have been asking about upcoming TV appearances for Bruno. Well here it is!

Check back for more updates in the coming weeks. 

SATURDAY 12/8/12 (12:30 PM EST)  - MTV 10 On Top


MONDAY 12/10/12 (7:55 PM EST) – MTV FIRST


TUESDAY 12/11/12 (12 PM EST) - The Big & Best Of 2012 Livestream



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Dolores's picture

What happened to the link to 12/31?

Dolores's picture

Ok BRUNO, get to work! We want to see you movin, shakin, and dancin! Oh and of course singin!

Teana's picture

I would like to know if there is a tour plan for the upcoming year yet? I live outside Cleveland, Ohio and would really love it if you came here for a performance.

abrit1's picture

He had a live iHeart Radio performance last night, which he shared a link to on Facebook (it was great as usual). MTV Big & Best Of 2012 is 12/12/12 starting 12PM, not 12/11. The dates are a little mixed up, just watch whats posted on Facebook and such

Unty Mare's picture

Thank you and thank goodness for DVR.

B.G.M's picture

what the heck guys! Did anyone know that he had a live online concert on Iheart radio today? Because I sure didn't! now I am very upset

B.G.M's picture

what the heck guys! Did anyone know that he had a live online concert on Iheart radio today? Because I sure didn't! now I am very upset

shanise's picture

Is anybody else getting mixed up in these dates?

Queenkat's picture

why didn't you do a concert in NYC!! i was sooo expecting it. :(

Marysia's picture

Please, dont make fame change you too much Bruno.
You are perfect the way you are now!!!
Hope to see you in Poland!

Sofings's picture

I love you so much and i am happy to se you!! Come to Norway Bruno!!<3<3

jjpetty's picture

I love you guys so much! You were awesome on SNL and I just bought your new album - can't wait to see you in Texas - COME TO DALLAS!!!!!!!!!!!!! And QUICK!

sofia_92's picture

bruno is everywhere is amazing,i'm so happy for bruno he deserves everything that's happening to him

nunny kirei's picture

Bruno,u always make all your fans get heart beating so fast, we're so eager to see your performance over n over again.. great show of u, Bruno Mars

nina.mars's picture

So excited for the x factor appearance! What an awesome week :)

Bill macbeath's picture

When is Bruno mars appearing in concert in la or orange county venues

shanise's picture

Half of these day I will be at school. : -(

MarsSars6656's picture

This is going to be a very great exciting week OMG can`t wait any longer sooo proud of ya!

jmgaldema's picture

yeah , your right !!

HyunOkJung's picture

I hear often your song. Your voice is fantastic. ♥.♥
I can't see American show because of being Korea. ㅠ.ㅠ
So I watching you in Youtube sometimes. I loooove you~~ -3-

LockedOutOfMars's picture

I'll be watching for sure! :)

ikaprettys's picture

soo excited!!!thanks for info <3

AmandaB's picture

Thank you!

Cindy7609's picture

We would love to see some West Coast appearances listed that fans can get tickets for pls & thx :)

BrunoIsTotallyBoss's picture

YES! Thank you!!!

Radek's picture

Aaaww yeah. Nice week is coming :> .