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And when you smile

And when you smile
Posted by MC_5
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Mrs. Maria MARS's picture

Do I ever told ya that you are sexy?

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Mickalea426's picture

why don't women melt when you pass them? please come to south carolina bruno.

rose ann XD's picture

when you sing my whole world stop just to hear you sing! go bruno mars!!!!!!!!

Blackrockerg's picture

And when you smile,you make me wanna jump on stage and kiss chu!! x)

rockprincess xxxxxx's picture

and when u smile the whole world stops and stays for a while.......(H)

missMMM8's picture

And when you smile...your so delicious like icecream on a sunny day (l)

sandra.joannah's picture

u re the best !! love yoU !!

DC's picture

love it!

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via_2's picture

and when u smile u make me smile too

Vivian Mars's picture

You know, you kow, you know I 'll never ask you to change, if perfect 's what you're searching for then just stay the same

OhMyBrunoMars's picture

hes the BEST singer i heard in my life!!

brenda_26's picture

the whole world stops and stares 4 a while

Daiana Mars's picture

BRUNO you're everything I dreamed!!!!

dj104's picture

u are the coolest singer i love you song Grenade cuz it is cool love u Bruno Mars!.

rachel_ayoub's picture

ooooooooh i looove his emotions when he sings he ings like he is in love with the mic

Melanie24's picture

He's the best LIVE singer i have ever heard!!!!!!!!

xanthelei's picture

i like it~~!

xanthelei's picture

i like it~~!

Roberta Lima's picture

Oh and when you smile... you smile... Oh your smile is perfect, is great!!!

vlora's picture

Hello bruno
just want to say that you are Very Handsome ...;)

b3bexsoul's picture

Dear Bruno, your music is always the highlight of my day. I would love to see you sing live for once :)

kirst101's picture

when u smile i always stop and stare for a while and ur eyes look lyk the stars r not shining

AnnG's picture

oh:D and when YOU smile:)

via_2's picture

i love it when u smile..i like ur eyes...