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Bruno Mars Tattoo

Bruno Mars Tattoo
Posted by Yum3B.
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DanilaGentili's picture


butterfly 3's picture

oh...i'm sorry!!!!

Yum3B.'s picture

I'm not a man -____- lmao

butterfly 3's picture

WOW!!!!!oh god.....i just cant belive that bruno has male fans...(i say it in a good way)!!!:D

Anne Carol's picture

legal...gostei!! estou pensando em fazer tbm!! quem sabe?!! =P

brunomarcia's picture

when i grow up, i would a tattoo on my wrist saying "once a hooligan, always a hooligan..."

Bruno's Wifeey 3's picture

woww thats awesomee wehn im older i wanna qet his facee or a lyric on my wrist

AshGrenade_30's picture

Wow...that's dedication right there! I have a MJ tattoo, but I plan on getting it removed. (Getting matching tattoos w/ friends is never a good idea.)

Mars Lozano 3's picture

Oh okay no problem, it's actually really nice!

veronica mars's picture

That's commitment : )

Kaba's picture

This great! :)

Yum3B.'s picture

I know it's not the right lyrics, but I just changed two words, and it still means exactly the same... But thank you anyway if you though I didn't know it. ;)

Mars Lozano 3's picture

Excuse me but.... the lyrics are wrong on your tattoo . Just thought I'd point it out :)