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Bruno´s Tattoos

Bruno´s Tattoos
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little mars's picture

i love you bruno mars♥

Jen25's picture

How Sexy.. DAYYUMMM !! Nice muscles Bruno... This guy just gets sexier and sexier.... ;)

Kawaii pie's picture

He has that bad boy in him he is like a sour patch kid first they sour then they sweet

Kawaii pie's picture

so hoooot

BrunoMarsCrazed's picture

Who knew something in black and white could be so SEXY?

BrunoMarsCrazed's picture

and i thought Justin Bieber was HOT!!!!! This is the perfect MAN!!!!

Caro's picture

Damn, he got more muskels than I thought!
Fucking hot!

Hooligan_V's picture

Sooooooooooooooooooooooooo sexy *.* DAMN :x

JMC_Mars's picture

wow!!! look at his arms and his tatoo!!! love you!!

fiona_5's picture

dam that tat under his arm must have hurt like a b thats pure flesh ouch

DanilaGentili's picture

SEXY !!!

x.PlantBrunoMars.x's picture

Since when was he a pirate?? LOL. Still Looks REAL SEXY!! ;)

Alice_22's picture


I_LovesBruno23's picture

i have that beaded braclet he's wearing :) just sayin! hahaha :) ?

Alexus_2's picture

so effin cute! look at them arms ;D

carmen406's picture

I love that

angel_26's picture

goodluck with everthing...

angel_26's picture


Saralisa Hernandez♥'s picture

he´s a little ganster^^

I_LovesBruno23's picture

Tattoos?! More like muscles!! :D

corina's picture

he has an angel face but inside he's a little devil ;) hot combination

Saralisa Hernandez♥'s picture

yeaaah i know
so SEXY !!


and thanks for your comments!!
i post some more pics now
Love Yall ?

BrunoMarsGirL_3's picture

yeeah ... very nice tattoo's =)

Bianka's picture

Good tatoo !! :) ?

corina's picture


neyhon's picture


Zoe_8's picture

oh, my god, his arms are so strong....