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Carnegie Hall

Carnegie Hall
Posted by Bruno Mars WebCrew
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amanda braga lopes's picture


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what a nice place!! 8-)

sj30's picture

....eeeegh Bruno!!! never mind wha....t ya gonna do, who cares cus............... i think i wanna marry yoooooou x x x (n i dont do marriage lol,) x x x x x x

noylikeeveryone's picture

ohh))))I am so stupid to believe in ths))))))))))))))))

noylikeeveryone's picture

I hope youll like my song if you have time to read))))))))

noylikeeveryone's picture

I like so much what you do... and not only me I am sure))........but Iam not a fan))))just freak girl)) if its possble write somebody to me))skype-july1753))let me believe in God))

noylikeeveryone's picture

may be Iam wrong) but you as a freak should understand me))))life too short ) so I want u to read what I wrote please)if its possible tonight out of life,out of hell and sky,even cant cry,even cant fight..
ohh,babe,you gave me this,you took me there,and what at list??Im no where...I speak with nobody Iam not Kid Codi)thats why I should pay?))ohh just believe me babe Ive wating soo long and now Iam really ready to sing for you my song)...

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owwww, love u <3 <3!!!

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Wow....... Love you Bruno mars <3 <3 <3

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very damn, this is cool

Quezia Pires do Amaral's picture

aiiin <33 , y love yoooou!
I swear i love you!

AomOrtonKitschCenaJackson's picture

I love your picture <3

abeer's picture

Te Quiero!

KittyNOùssàà's picture

AWSoMe !!!

JoelAlexanderMdranoVelasque's picture

mi hermano mayor ejjeje..

MarcelaSoouza30's picture

Meeeu amor s2s2

DaniMelquiadees's picture

The view is amaizing!

Yully's picture

Muy buena fotografía!

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Iggu ;-) :D

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The Best

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sonho distante...e impossivel...lidoooo...amo mt!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Oooww *-* Hermoso Me encantas! <3' CHILE <3'

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love this photo going on my background & screensaver!!!

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Awww*-* I love that photo! <3

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<3 muach...