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Come get some! #Moonshine #FingerGuns #StayCrompied #UnorthodoxJukebox #Pickles #HashTags

Come get some! #Moonshine #FingerGuns #StayCrompied #UnorthodoxJukebox #Pickles #HashTags
Posted by Bruno Mars
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baybegirl1970's picture

I would love, love, love to meet you in Orlando, FLorida

LucianaFraso's picture

Parece que está cheio de marra. Seu marrento!!!kkkkkk gostei!!!!

Natalie Gray's picture

*Dies* Why does he have to look good in every single one of his photos? *_*

NatáliaManzzato's picture

love you <3 you're amazing

ClaireRamachoSidro's picture

Love you <3 very sexy!!!

NataliaSouza's picture

Lindo *-*

Spunksta07's picture

mmm I'll bang bang on your chest any day ;) Guerilla... bahaha! :P

ClaritaBomfim's picture

Como é lindo :O

mhaomars's picture

I really want to meet you <3

ßαнαґ's picture

i don't like his tatoo...:d

DaniMelquiadees's picture

You're tattoo.. LOVE IT.

Darlin's picture

why the hell are you so freaking cool, awesome, funny, cute, sweet, nice, and a great person!!!!

Danagilbert1217's picture

I have got to have you!

A really nice girl's picture

Love you <3 very sexy *___*

ellietomox's picture

love it

katherine u's picture

cute sexy

Sheylla Barbosa's picture

it's Beautiful *-*

bruno mars future wife_2's picture


Sugar Bear's picture

So handsome:)

MarsSars6656's picture

Your sooo sexy& funny OMg <333!! I love ya!!

Dua Ahmed's picture