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Couldn't decide what flavor I wanted sooo uuhhh yeah.

Couldn't decide what flavor I wanted sooo uuhhh yeah.
Posted by Bruno Mars
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youareandalways's picture

vas a engordar Brunito <3

mexico <3 u

fabiola lima de oliveira's picture

delicia ;)

Marthagarcia06's picture

"A little bit of everything" is my motto! Lol

AdrianaPulidoMendez's picture

:) same here

Carissa O&#039;Donohue's picture

It's really hard to choose an Ice cream flavour Over here in New Zealand as we have so many creative and classic flavours to choose from but I guess that is what happens when there are so many cattle and dairy happens to be our main export

HooliganAlia12's picture

Oh my God! I love Ice Cream<3 My favorite flavor is Vanilla..or Cookies and cream..or cookie dough..or chocolate...

JeannetteMartinez's picture

I'm like you when it comes to ice cream its hard to choose a flavor!!! Chocolate usually my pick.


vainilla sin dudarlo :)

awoo1283's picture

WOOHOO!!! Neapolitan is the BEST!!! :oP***

DaisylovesBrunoM's picture

a knife with ice cream omg you're amazing :)

phoebe hernandez's picture

yummy yummy lov that you got most of the flavours wish i was there to help eat that

Sandra Elizarraras's picture

yummy, yummy baby

Monica mars3's picture


Queenle Rita's picture

nyamm nyammm nyammm

GauriMars's picture

Yo Bruno,
Which one did ya like the most?

Vyanah loves Bruno Mars's picture

Ice cream! Hey, where's the cookies and cream?

rox425mama's picture

Sooo....which one did you like most? :P

GorillaGoBang's picture

You're giving me ideas, Boy! :0

KarinaLim's picture

Who eats ice cream with a knife..LMFAO

hooligan_'s picture

I'm so hungry right now... thanks :p haha :D