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Geronimo and I @ work

Geronimo and I @ work
Posted by Bruno Mars
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Maiwenn's picture

So cute ! We have the same dog :)

LoloGelpi's picture


maripa's picture

I whan a dog like that love you bruno ♥

CatherineCenitaBarameda's picture

nice dog! ! <3 :D

EstrellaLazoManriquedeLara's picture

Gerónimo ♥

Sandra Elizarraras's picture

OMG!!! your dog is so cute <3 and you are so adorable, i love you baby!!! <3 <3 <3

Juliana Rivera's picture

a good job next to a big dog .. how nice

Nitzia3's picture

Awww so cute :)

RicardoArevalo's picture

Bruno Mars if you weren't a singer i don't know anyone else i would be listening too. :)

Fannette's picture

Hi Bruno. My name is Fannie, i'm French woman ans I speak a little English. I know it's a shame but I want to say that you are a very good singer, your voice is so beautiful. I think that you have a beautiful mind and the pure heart to write this words and to find this melodys so magic.
You have a talented musicians around you. They are so appealing. I love them much.

Thank you for this moments and for all...

With Love

A fan of music.


martalice's picture

happy new year bruno!!!!!
I hope to see you soon at one of your concerts

VilmarieSantiago's picture

happy new year! allot of success, and hope to see you soon in concert!

VilmarieSantiago's picture

MR. MARS I MADE A POEM FOR U! i will post it soon! beautiful talent! villieboo

Nathália Karoliny's picture

Perfeitos <3

FotoMama's picture

Hey Kat!! Can I just tell you (damn I truly hope you read this) becauce the new album is a slammin party of fun and amazing! You are soo talented and for the first time in a really, really LONG TIME...your lyrics and your music just make me sooo happy! Thank you. Just thank you....this world with all its crazyness....needs kats like you and your homeboys to keep doing what you're doing for reels. There is something antiqueish and yet fresh all at the same time about your music...and hey...let me know where I can see you perform Gorilla live would ya....damn boy!!n PEACE

AleeMaldonado's picture

simplemente hermosos!!!!

MagicButterfly's picture

Really nice!!!! nothing better than work with your lovely pet next to you. ^^, i sometimes do that too. hahahahaha :)

JasmineJackson's picture

Cute <3

karen gonzalez's picture

love to the bones of bruno mars :) jajaa

LeonardoSilva's picture

belas músicas parabéns

Yully's picture

Excelente su música, excelente su trabajo, me encanta!
El es todo un músico!

AdrienneBm's picture

Triple Beautiful...... ! <3 :-3

JennyAguilera's picture

beautiful <3

IsabellaBarsi's picture


MarYoriie&#039;eDiTh M&#039;H's picture


Melly86's picture

Very Very Cute!!!! You and Geronimo!!!

Celiamp's picture

Peter i love u come to Spain soon Please!

MaëvaKitten's picture

Geronimo and you are so cute :)

AselÖzçelik's picture

Küçücük boyun var türlü türlü huyun var haaa. seni seviyorum eşşoleşşek :)

YouvSmithJames's picture

Your songs are Just AWESOME , Peter #Suckahbooyah