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GRAMMYs Bob Marley Tribute Performance

GRAMMYs Bob Marley Tribute Performance
Posted by Bruno Mars
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Vintage Vamp's picture

Joleo and Ebeth have it right! Good to see real artists and also respect to Mr. Bob Marley!

AnBiLop's picture

Best Grammy performance ever!!!!!


Bruno stole the show!! He was the only singer who sang that I liked! He should've been nominated. I think him and Rihanna might make a good couple. Bruno and Rihanna are both really good singers so they maybe could get together.

Miss Crystal 86's picture

AGREED...The performance was great.

Camila Soto Castillo's picture

Cuando vendrá Bruno Mars a Chile ?

joLeo's picture

Have to agree with EBETH! Bruno Mars is a consummate artist. He is all bout the music and this performance with Sting and our Caribbean stars, Ziggy and Damian Marley, Rihanna was off the hook! One love.

Ebeth's picture

The only reason I tuned into the Grammys this year. And good, grief, y'all didn't disappoint. And this was the kick-ass-est thing I've seen on the Grammy's in years. God bless you for bringing back music that's fun! It's great to have artistry back in music. See you in Nashvegas this summer!

I♥Mars's picture

Best Grammy performance by far

hairdeziner's picture

so adorable... can't wait to see him this summer

AdrianaJPerezGutierrez's picture

the best performance of the night :) Come to Peru!!!!!!

Maria9pr's picture

To me he has the resemblance of Sammy Davis Jr!!! In a good way!! Just his style and his persona. Love ur songs, I think ur awesome!!

MILU's picture

Fue una presentación realmente increíble, capturó la esencia de BOB Marley.
Sólo un genio como Bruno lo podía hacer

oana1985's picture

Very nice! :) Congratulations!

NatáliaManzzato's picture

wonderful! Very, very, very beautiful (:

linda202's picture

Happy Valentine's Day to EVERYONE!!! :)

linda202's picture

Love your songs, love The Hooligans, love you. Can't wait to see you on tour in DC. Best, A DC Hooligan.

michelley112005's picture

The best performance of the night! Bruno Mars once again showed who rules the music world...well with some help from friends, lol!!!

SofiaGonzalezAcosta's picture

Hey Bruno!I´m from Uruguay(in Southamerica). I love your songs, my english is so bad but i want to tell you that i feel and think about you and your songs. Now i continue in spanish: se que es un sueño pero me gustaria que visitaras mi país. Eres un gran atista, i love u. SOFIA :)

aliciaferreira's picture

I wish you could come in Portugal during your World Tour! :D I'll love see your show. You' re Amazing! And great moment with Rihanna to pay tribute to Bob Marley. I loved it!

yellow21's picture

wish you guys could come here in manila soon so i can watch u perform and feel ur music!!! love ya bruno!!!

milycolu's picture


Samira Hernandez's picture

That was the best moment of the night! I was expecting it so much and they nailed it!
Always wanted to see Bruno and Rihanna performig together...over the moon *-*
Great job

Queenle Rita's picture

amazing performance!! <3 U (;

HiromiBatas's picture

I was so excited!!!! Wahooooooooooooo!!!!ARIGATO!

BTY's picture

simply razed!!!!!!!! \O/

BTY's picture

Very beautiful and exciting this tribute to Bob Marley, congratulations!!! to everyone who omenagiaram him, especially @BrunoMars *__*