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Happy Holidays from Baby Bruno

Happy Holidays from Baby Bruno
Posted by Busy
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Pau02's picture

Oh my life!! so cute and adorable!!

MaricarmenRoyo-Hilton's picture

My 7 year old grandson say you sound like Michael Jackson.. you are adorable......

AnnR's picture

You are such a doll!

HellenMendez's picture

Soo Beautifil Boy ♥

SofiaGonzalezAcosta's picture


MarthaE's picture

Cuteee i love

Sandra Elizarraras's picture

aww my sweet baby


Aaaaw, you're so cute!

On Orawan's picture

so cute

raisa22's picture

that cute baby....

TanyaBrunoMars's picture


CarolinaCristina's picture

Gorgeous since childhood, and will be eternally

Anne Monteiro's picture

Oh God ... so cute! That will tighten ...

gotta go's picture

from cute back then to sexy today i love you bruno!!!

shannen lee's picture

is cute<3

Pocahontas16 3's picture

adorable babi =P

Vitória Moraes's picture

My Baby I love you!!

AnneliesHer's picture

So cute !!

Doroftei Irina-Antonia's picture

OmG very very very Cute :xxxxxxX

Roxy Mallett's picture

he looks well cute

Alexandra Sanchez's picture


Hooligan4BRUNO's picture

so cute! :D

Lisa Spindler's picture

Let me die , he is so cute ... and his hair . Lil Peter ?

iRepHernandez's picture

the Christmas tree behind him though!

sammy bonnet's picture

so f**kin cute

Eliana Medeiros's picture

Ount that cute ...
Already ten small charm ...
Beautiful s2 '

isabelle_15's picture

give to me , pleeeeeeeeeeeease

Carolinetorress's picture

Ownnnnn, kawaii, lovely, fofo, mimi... in all language!

Tirah Hernandez's picture

awwww lol

Mrs. Hernandez 3's picture

Awwwwe he was so cute!!! hes beauitiful now.. What happend??