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Posted by Busy
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RahmaHyDeMoZa's picture

halo alohaaa. bruno...

Celtik--Moon's picture

aww esta mui lindo ....

Rayane Mars's picture

Lindoooooo .!!!

Carrot-lover's picture

How cool ?

Mrs. Hernandez 3's picture


Nikki Ramirez's picture


Fiona Mars's picture

bet that tastes nice.xx

brunofever_2's picture

I had a bruno mars cake for my 13th birthday. It was sooooooo awesome. It was the picture where he was sitting on the grass in front of the house. He was wearing a cap and had a V-neck with glasses hanging from them. I ate around his face. It was amazing!!!!!!!!

Evelyn's picture


Evelyn's picture


mizzerry's picture

i wont 1 4 my birthday LOL

Anonymous's picture

Is that cake?!?! I want this on my birthday :D

butterfly 3's picture

i just realised that it is a cake!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
if i had this i would never eat it!!!!!!!!!!!lol

Funniii Kiikii's picture

I want the Alohaaaaa.. lOL I like Hawaii.. I wanna go there. :)

Marcela Fernández7's picture

Ö it's fantastic!!

Leilanny S.'s picture

Thats The Sexiest Cake I Ever Saw In My Life

GlaiSchubert's picture

yummy.. I will bake a cake if bruno will visit my house.. lol

JulianaTheHooligan's picture

i wanna piece that says bruno on it. or a piece with part of his hat. eating his face is just creepy lol

wess's picture


Mereli Calla's picture

BOOM!!! Aloha!

brunolover123's picture

wow thts jus wonder ful

Marianaa Mars's picture

yomiii =) soo cute and delicious

brunodsuperstar's picture


LariNunes's picture

ALOHA i wanna a piece of this cake :)

Venus_01's picture


JennyLovesBruno's picture

cake = delicious
bruno mars = delicious
cake with a photo of bruno mars = double delicious


marysa's picture

i like me some of that cake!

Araxii's picture

Dhat thing amazing (:

Caitlin Fahdoraa' Marss's picture

I'd cry if that was mine... and id get the biggest piece... the whole thing:D

Bianka's picture

Cute :)