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I call the this cut The Moonshine brought to you By @Themensgroomer Backyard Cuts #ShapeThePuff

I call the this cut The Moonshine brought to you By @Themensgroomer Backyard Cuts #ShapeThePuff
Posted by Bruno Mars
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AdrienneGaralde's picture

I miss the Pompadour!!!! bring it back!!

sazziejazzie's picture

That face you making is sooo cute. I love you skin color :)

LucianaFraso's picture

Olha a cabeleira do zezé!
Será que ele é?!
Será que ele é?!
Será que ele é bossa nova?
Será que ele é maomé?

Mas isso eu não sei se ele é.

Corta o cabelo dele!

Corta o cabelo dele!
Brincadeirinha.... ele é lindo assim!

ladyffara's picture

T'es l'homme le plus sexy que je connaisse et ta!!!!

BriiMars's picture

NOOOOOOO!!! oh wait just a shape up then OOOk!

princess7312's picture

Please keep your hair as you have it in your It's gonna rain video you look so damn fine,muscles rippling it just shows off your handsome face so well.

fulflee's picture

I love you. You're a perfect man. <3

CH's picture

Gosto do seu cabelo, adoro homem com cabelo grande lindo. By Brazil RIO

NataliaSouza's picture

Perfeito <3'

On Orawan's picture


abeer's picture

I like it <3

Darlin's picture

Damn Bruno boy... you look fine!!! LIKE ALWAYS... DUHHHH. I Love You!!!... LIKE ALWAYS AND FOREVER!!! <3

GalaDraganova's picture

sooooo cuuuteee...uuuhh

ßαнαґ's picture

he he he he...:)) he wasn't good...thanks god he changed his hair style:p

LiLBit2MuchX4's picture

omg he be soooooooooooo sexy!!

The♥BrunoMars♥Lover's picture

hahaha , Bruno is like : (:

AdrienneBm's picture

I want TOUCH them

Keyla Rodríguez's picture

you hair is so cute
i love you very much !!!

Angelique091783's picture

hhahah.... you better Cut your Hair BruNo..

katherine u's picture

sexy hair

sofia_92's picture

So cute, please don't cut that sexy hair

LarissaMartins's picture

HAHA #Omg sensual =9

Débora Arcari's picture

kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk so fun!!!!!!!!!!

MarsSars6656's picture

OMg your sexy!!!! OMg I love you <3333

BTY's picture

tha tudo kkk tava prcisnado mesmo kkkkk!!!!

BTY's picture