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I wanna thank the fan that gave me this shirt... Rocked it in Rio last night!

I wanna thank the fan that gave me this shirt... Rocked it in Rio last night!
Posted by Bruno Mars
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NatháliaBarros's picture

Te Admiro muito!
Acho que você poderia mostrar todo seu talento em Brasília/Brasil :D

YasminNunes's picture

I love you! Acho que merecemos um show em Brasília!

gisellemonte's picture

You are my treasure!

Brenda Krigger's picture


MuhammadAriwiranto's picture

hy bruno me from indonesia
im like you so much,,,,,

whiz-kid's picture

great man

LarissaNara's picture

vc fica muito bem com a camisa da seleção brasileira!!!!!!!!11

hooligan805's picture

i love u

GabyLovatoReinosoVasquez's picture

mijeto <3

Andressa Melo's picture

Lindo... ficou mais lindo ainda com essa camisa. love you ♥

Morenna's picture

Concordo plenamente com vc.

RubiaCarolineAlves's picture

lindo sempre mais lindo ao meu lado.

CarolinaCristina's picture

miss that day
I wish I could just travel across the world to see him anywhere.

SamaraTabata's picture

I was at his last concert here in Brazil is beautiful as always!

CsocsooHunter's picture

When the singer's better live than on the video.

Ayla Martins's picture

Today I dreamed about you and want to continue dreaming until reality!
I am awaiting his return to Brazil!!! I Love U !! ♥♥

VeronicaHernandez's picture


VeronicaHernandez's picture


True Hooligan's picture

Como ficou lindooooooooooooo com a camisa aqui do Brasil ! Bom, já é lindo de qualquer jeito, agora, com essa camisa, ficou mais ainda! Te amo! meu cute !

Débora Arcari's picture

maravilhoso!!!!! um espetáculo, fica lindo usando a camisa do meu pais!!!! espero vê-lo novamente em breve! te amo Bruno Mars

Emanuela's picture

Amei... Lindo ainda mais usando a camisa do meu meu país (Brasil) !!!

AnaRaquelRosaCouto's picture

We love you!!! so so so so much!!!!!!

AnaRaquelRosaCouto's picture

I miss this day!! so handsome!!!I love you!!!

Fabiana Cristina's picture

miss that day, one of the happiest days of my life

IsabellaBarsi's picture

The show you did here was wonderful!

dirce moreira's picture

que lindo

Márcia Lima's picture

i would like to give one of cape verd... lov u's picture

i want to be mrs hernandezz!

ggagen97's picture

I wish I could just travel across the world to see him anywhere (come back to England!!!!!)

Maricarmen diaz's picture