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#Japan #Sumos #Saki #Scissors

#Japan #Sumos #Saki #Scissors
Posted by Bruno Mars
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KaltrinaMu's picture

awww hot

Iwantbrunobad's picture

I think his Mickey Mouse shirt and Camo pants make him even HOTERRRRRRR!

Bruno Mars All Day's picture

I was thinking the same thing the Mickey Mouse shirt is so sexy

fabiola lima de oliveira's picture

lindo de mais!!!

iHEART peter gene hernandez's picture

the mickey mouse and camo pants tho,, FRIKIKIKIKIKI!

luna giordano's picture

hey bruno (l)(l)(l)

LucianaFraso's picture

Gosto desse jeito largado.Queria ser o Mickey na camisa dele. uhu!!! A coisa iria esquentar
. kkkkkk

ErensuÖzçelik's picture

Come to TURKEY

oana1985's picture

Come to Romania, Bruno!

Thays Custódio Domingues's picture

Bruno Mars?!

He's gorgeous, funny, sings very, very, very much and I fell in love with our song "When I Was Your Man" from the new album and damn I wanted very much for him to come on tour to Brazil, more specifically in Rio de Janeiro . I think I would pass out, only to see it because it really amazes me!

So welcome to Rio de Janeiro again!

i love you so much ... Please check back soon!

Suellen Durães's picture

I agree with every word you said Thays haha

samantha mars's picture

Perfectttt <3

EliakimFerrSantos's picture

you're amazing .. just the way you are !!

IzadoraToledo's picture

Adorei o casaco: ) e o bone, aliás vc fica lindo de qualquer jeito: )

phoebe hernandez's picture

nice tee shirt bruno gotta luv mickey mouse

MagicButterfly's picture