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Kai Z Feng Shoot

Kai Z Feng Shoot
Posted by Bruno Mars WebCrew
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Emidemi11's picture

Your voice is amazing, your amazing & hot!!! ! I love you Bruno!!

Patricia_v's picture

I love your eyes :'3
And of course I LOVE YOUR VOICE !!

YaimelisYeilin's picture

you're really incredible... i love your voice!!

gany Mars's picture

i love you baby.....

dgorgo's picture

Bruno, love, love your songs. (We can understand the words and that is something rare these days) It is very difficult to choose a favorite. In fact, when asked, I cannot. And when you sing the slow songs, you put so much feeling into them and the women melt. Each time I watch an awards show, you are always the best performer. See you again in Vegas in May 2014.

dandanmars's picture

will never be able to get over how hot you are brunz!! every time i think you can'T get any more incredible you go and release gorilla! which is amazing!! p.s. stop with all these super hot pic i cannot cope LOVE YOU

Harry Murf's picture

Brunz you're really incredible, I loved all your new photos, you every day is more beautiful! I love all your songs, and I'm super in love with your voice! My dream I'm sure I'll make soon. I want to go in many concerts.