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me and Bruno Mars' dad

me and Bruno Mars' dad
Posted by lizcg13
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BrUnO-LoVa's picture

wow that's sooo cool girl! :) happy for ya! :) I took a photo with phredley! :) and phil ran one meter beside me back backstage! woooooe :)

pianogirl11's picture

i would wait how ever long for bruno mars becouse i would do any thing for him

lizcg13's picture

I didn't know he was going to come out after his show and take pics! If I did I would have stayed haha and thanks

Bruno Mars Future Wife's picture

@Lizcg13 Omg! r u NUTS! I would of waited an hour to get a pic with Bruno Mars! I can't believe you got a pic with Bruno's bad WoW! that's Amazing! your so lucky! I would of waited to meet Bruno even if it took hours and hours! Btw you looked really pretty and beautiful skin you have! And wow Bruno's dad! : ) >3

lizcg13's picture

i got a pic with his dad at the end of the concert but if i have waited an hr more i would have got to take a pic with Bruno Mars!