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Meet and Greet with Bruno!

Meet and Greet with Bruno!
Posted by Maritza_LaCubana
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neil_singh's picture

ayy pop chips - turn up!!

samiam's picture

hey everybody how do you check if there are meet and greets available at a certain concert?
would really appreciate if someone can help me out its for a bday gift for my older sister.

MrsFisch's picture

If you find out anything could you pass the info along??? I will do the same! I am seeing him next week and would LOVE the chance to meet him!!! Thanks!!

davwright's picture

Not sure why no ones asked about offering the limited chance for meet and greet for upcoming tour dates in Canada but it would be great to know where to go...maybe I should call Roxanne. Let me know Cheers your Canadian fan D

Cha-cha Elsa Tesalonika's picture

ahh... how sweet >.

Bruno's Wifeey 3's picture

hahaa i knoww that was a silly question ! hes so sexxy dammn annd his personality is juss so amzainq ! i qotta say im his #1 fann .... (:

Maritza_LaCubana's picture

Hey James, at the meet and greet you take your own camera and he'll have someone there to take the pic of you guys but he doesn't do autographs at the meet and greets :0/ I don't know if the posters are signed cause I didn't get one since I'm on the street team (i guess cause we get posters and other promo stuff to pass out in the mail)

kiki1517's picture

hey I noticed your pic. How were you able to access a meet and greet? Did you go through a specific site or source?

James Ahern's picture

Someone please advise me of how it kind of goes when you get the actual meet and greet.? Can u take pic with your camera.? Or does his people take the picture.? How do you get the actual picture so u can print it yourself.? Fanz help out Please...........

James Ahern's picture

Has anyone been to any recent meet n greets.? I am curious if Bruno will sign a photo I have of him when he was a kid as Elvis Impersonator. Everything I read he WON'T sign anything other than your free poster, is this true.? Please help, will sell my tickets for Reno next week if not............

Maritza_LaCubana's picture

Ofcourse! lol...and so huggable XD

Bruno's Wifeey 3's picture

maan was he really thaat hot in person ?

Maritza_LaCubana's picture

Thank You! I was really worried it wouldn't come out good cause they only take one and not only was i worried about me but I've seen some that even Bruno looks crazy

shahirah's picture

OMG!great pic!J-E-A-L-O-U-S

Bruno's Wifeey 3's picture

hahaha oh yess hes so damn hot ! maan i wanna see the abs he says he has ! haha pshh buuh i still lovee him

Maritza_LaCubana's picture

lol..silly, Thanks and yea it's a good pic of him..u see his muscles building up ;0) he's gettin finally one day after all the girls askin him to take it off he will and then everyone's gonna FREAK OUT!!!! lol

Bruno's Wifeey 3's picture

omqq bruno looks so dammn sexy AF' youu too buut im so concentrated in bruno mars ! who isnt !? @KIKA dammn that must suck , i havent even been to any olf his concert md it suckz cuz im likee the BIGGEST fan ever !

Kika_6's picture

OMG I met him too but this stupid f*ckn radio station ruined the memory card and now I have no freakn picture!! I'm soooo heart broken!!! I just found out like 5 minutes ago!! I can't stop crying!!! Uugghh I'm soo pissed!!!!

Girl In The Window's picture

WOW! A very nice photo of you both!

Maritza_LaCubana's picture

@GirlinTheWindow Thank YOu! and

@Kika girl! you better fight that! most likely he'll be back your way so you need to make them owe you another meet and greet next time he's back...Girl, you better not let that go