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My first pooch.. Everyone say hi to Geronimo

My first pooch.. Everyone say hi to Geronimo
Posted by Bruno Mars
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IzaakAyalaMorales's picture

Bruno Mars :3

April_7's picture

<3 <3 <3

Ida N's picture

geronimo looks angry. let him breath!

CsocsooHunter's picture

Bruno dog on the mars.;)

isis 1998's picture

ahhh so sweet!!!!!!!!!!

ErycaBritto's picture


lunah's picture

Hiii Geroooooooooooooooonimoooo hahaha

Ruth Vinegar's picture

Awesome and beautiful dog. I have two cats named Michell and Violant but i also love dogs and geronimo is very cute. It would look wonderful with a hat like Bruno Mars. How old is it?

ThaoTran's picture

like♥ your hat is awesome♥ and you are so so perfect♥

AnaBeatrizMars's picture

You are PERFECT ! ♥

LeslieMichellePerezLeon's picture

:3 beautiful you

cibele cristina's picture

hoooo what a beautiful

Cao Đức Khoa's picture

Hi geronimo :)

AdrianaPerote's picture


VendonaMars's picture

You are the best singer for me and I love you...<3

Náyárét2.0's picture

I love your dog very cute Geronimo <3 ¡*-*

Lilah1256's picture

awww <3 so cute!

Pilar Lisette's picture

I ♥ love Geronimo

JacilaneSaraiva's picture

Your dog is beautiful, you must be very loving, a thousand kisses

HellaMariños's picture

I ♥ YOU!

Kallist's picture

that cute! Geronimo and very cute! Bruno ... c like cats too?

miekewilms's picture

I want one too :(

jdlsdkkd's picture

OMG :) They are so cute :)

bruezgii's picture

very cute. <3

UtCung's picture

i like this photo because they are so kute..........:)

Zeynep2's picture

you love dogs? I like mine. not worth much, but maybe the dog. What would have been nice for me to be in his place. these are my dreams I have a dream for every photo. . I'll be a vile creature who I am here for you, a noble man

PamelaCuizon's picture

oh how cute

Ana JR's picture

Hi ! Geronimo, kisses from Brazil

brunobaby4567's picture

aww love him and his dad

NathaliaBarbosaBatista's picture

hi geronimo