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My first pooch.. Everyone say hi to Geronimo

My first pooch.. Everyone say hi to Geronimo
Posted by Bruno Mars
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MoonShine2468's picture

Hi !!!! dats a nice dog my aunt use 2 have 2 of those types of dogs but she gave them away but i only like one his name was rocky lol he was nice but pushy and the other one her name was kiara she was agressive .



timemy 8'D's picture

wow ! gentle man.

Anne Monteiro's picture

So cute ... in fact, the two are cute! How I wish I was this little dog ...

JasminSugal's picture


lasttraintoparis's picture

oh darling if only we knew each other <3

Ruthutagaol's picture

cute geronimo. geronimo look likes my first pet, doggy, he's a rotweiller. hello geronimo sayaaang <3 imut sekali dikau^^

gotta go's picture

awww boy or girl <3

BMLilSis's picture

So CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! =)

mabo's picture


Meow's picture

Hi Geronimo, May I call you K9?
and tell Bruno he should check the wall behind him we don't want it on You two do we?

Genesis Casillas's picture

hi geronimo wow are so handsome like this <3

brunolover6624's picture

They are both sooo cute!!!!!!! :)

Juliana Guiducci's picture

HIIIII GERONIMOO! Like a Alcoholics Anonymous, u know? no? :T

Julie_42's picture

OOOh trop beau ce petit chien !!! Hi Geronimo , I love you Bruno <3

Mizz Viini's picture

Hi Bruno n Geronimo..<3

julietbaby's picture

My name is Juliet i am new in this site i saw your profile and admire it i will like you to contact me back through my private email so that i will tell you more about me and send you my photo for you to know me better.....

Ayumi Kusuma Diana's picture


kljlksjlkjfdsfg's picture

Soooo cuteeeee!!!! I love dogs i have 2 DOGS OF MY OWN there really huge (German Shepherds)yeah i hope you have a good time with Geronimo and HIIIIIIIII!!!!

Carla_9's picture


c8linvilla's picture

So cute! Is he pure? We just got a 9 week old Pure Rottweiler Female yesterday! her name is Georgia! haha Georgia and Geronimo! sounds like a match made in heaven! AND my 3 year old and 1 year old ONLY listen to your music! sounds like we should all be friends! ;)

fabricialima14's picture


liah fernandes's picture

Oi Bruno,Geronimo and very fluffy,cherish him, kiss ...

Alyona Steinberg's picture

Hi GERONIMO, nice to meet u, your adorable and so is Bruno!!

Clem_mars's picture

So cute <3

KaryylMo-on's picture

I lovee YOU r music n.n AND you dogguii to jajaa I love you <3 :) aquí en México te queremos! bueno almenos YO si te quiero!

Rochelle Murphy's picture

Awe sooo cute :)

The♥BrunoMars♥Lover's picture

such a cutie :D ohhhhh *-* ._. !!!!!!!!!!

Mali_Phoenix's picture

Hi.....Geronimo ^^
Mean "Sa Wat Dee Geronimo" country language "Thailand"

HooliganGirl's picture

oohhhhhh the cutest dog ever Bruno u chould name u'r second album Geronimo .
PS: hiiiii geronimooo u'r sooo cute

Ancuta Livia's picture

So cute:X