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New Official Photos

New Official Photos
Posted by Bruno Mars
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Melody20's picture

Bruno Mars ravitaillement,toujours soutenu
lunettes de soleil pas cher

JukeBoxBaby's picture

The sex appeal of Sinatra, James Dean and Smokey Robinson. *Drools*

MarianaAsencio's picture

<3 i love you

paloma Trindade's picture

coisa mais linda que existe, eu te amo s2

Nyana's picture

Come to Ivory Coast !!!

gotta go's picture

you make me wanna melt

gotta go's picture

this pic is soo freaking awesome i wanna see you in person so i can compliment you but of coarse it wont matter because u r gorgouse u probably get compliments everyday

AnaRaquelRosaCouto's picture

I love you!You're the reason of my life!!a complete artist,no just a singer,no,i'm a big fan!!!you're my idol,i love you so!!Your songs,your word!!everything i love you!!!

hkmkaz's picture

so true he's songs do guide me true my sorrows !!! gimme a chace !!!

AnoukBélisleDesaulniers's picture

Woow !!! So wonderful! <3

Mônica Da Silva Gomes's picture

My life! My the reason of my dreams!!! I love you! Yes....I LOVE YOU! You're the reason I still dream .... His songs have accompanied me in moments of joy and sorrow ... know you exist makes me feel complete, and I'm sure one day, the biggest dream of my life will become reality: go to a yours show, hold you, and I could tell you how much I'm in love and how much I admire you! You are a complete artist, not just a singer! Are you part of my life! The admiration and passion I feel for you goes far beyond just the admiration of a fan! I graduated from college Saturday 3/17/12, and puting for my favorite song for enter: "Just the way you are." And you know why? To feel you close to me, even only that within my heart! I love you in every way and with all the strength that a woman could love a man ...

imthefrickinman's picture

he makes me melt.

Dominika Paňková's picture

perfect as always

lilm0m0's picture

only u can pull of dat 70's look cuz its beyong sexy on u

lilm0m0's picture

damm not even water can calm u down lol SEXY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! with no doubt

Ta&#039;Day00's picture

to sexy!!!!!! keep goin yo thang

fAlOnBoO hErNaNdEz's picture

u be lookin fly bro!!!!!!is is SOOO FINE!!!love ya:)))

Seline loves Bruno 33's picture

the hotessttt guy everr love U TOO DEATHHHHHHH bruno

DannyYMR's picture

el es tan lindo!! me encanta {:

Abby_10's picture

Me encantaría conocerlo!!

MeLly Ch.'s picture

he's just cuteeee

mrsmoore's picture

your hair is really nice and i cried for you in your grenade video love heaven

Helo BM's picture

Delicious, delicious
This way you gonna kill me
Oh, if I catch you
Oh, my God if I catch you

doo.hoo.vale's picture

Rudo *-*

mariamarin's picture

omg!!! he is so beautiful no words... He is perfect everything he does...!!! LOVE YOUUUUUUUUUU!!!!

The♥BrunoMars♥Lover's picture

i really love everything about him,but the hair...easy to fall in love! i also have curls but they can not get to this!
I ? YOU BRUNO MARS!!!!!!!!!!

brunomaars4evr's picture

cool (:

annaya28's picture

Love this!

sofia_92's picture

cool,i love everyting but the just beautiful

Wannabe_Mars's picture

Im straight, but i have too admit, he looks really handsome!(: