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New Official Photos

New Official Photos
Posted by Bruno Mars
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nicolle21's picture

So beautiful, leaves me speechless :)

shoroukmohamed's picture

OMG...james brown number 2 <<33

hooligan805's picture

Marry me

Claudia.Castillo.g's picture

brunito mars i love you from chile :D <3

AyaAmir's picture

likeeee this pic ^_^

ThandyR's picture

HE IS FREAKIN HOT!!!!!!!!!!!:)

gotta go's picture

omg sexy

Nida Mars's picture

WooW :) :D

Genesis Casillas's picture

great photo bruno :D

Unknown69's picture

AHHHHHHH... omg total reason why i live

Hernandez_Swag's picture

gosh, ure so perfect!!! ;)

AnaRaquelRosaCouto's picture

don't make this face of sad,I cry!!!! you're handsome! i love you!!!

dirce moreira's picture

amo vc...

Rachel Malone's picture

wow nice photo :)love it

BeingMe_4Ever_AndAlways's picture

He is so smooth!!! I love it!!!

boopsiee's picture

Why do people focus on how the person looks....To me Bruno you sound cool to hang around and your awesome @ what you do.....ur cute too....I am just being myself, and telling the truth..So yeah! #uoyevoli.s.p


OMG! I want a little taste, just a lick. X

imthefrickinman's picture

I could cry, Hes gorgeous.

Dominika Paňková's picture


Romane Tosello's picture

troop beau

Luiza Carneiro's picture

So mine *----*

Sarita s2 8's picture

Have a deep look and super soft, I love you .. thousand kisses and blessings from Peru? 8 ^)

pompam Sripunmang's picture

smart :)

BrunoMarsWillBeMine's picture

he makes that wall look good

Nina Bueno's picture

"'Cause boy you're amazing, just the way you are". Bruno, why so Bruno.

Clara_14's picture

I looove this picture!

liv 3&#039;s bruno's picture

lookin good(:

evelovely's picture

Very smooth..............

AntonellaC's picture


karleigha6's picture

PERFECT. and minemineminemine:}