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Nobody steps into my house and challenges me on my play station. NOBODY!

Nobody steps into my house and challenges me on my play station. NOBODY!
Posted by Bruno Mars
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GaabbyyPuuente's picture


PedroGuerreiro's picture

:D lol

Kathie Ol-La's picture

LuciaPalacios's picture

bruno mars're cute, I love your songs! I love you! <3

LuciaPalacios's picture

brunoooo mars que lindooooooo , me encanta tus canciones!! te quiero muchoooo!!! <3

Lima- Perú

RubiaCarolineAlves's picture

so beatiful very,verybeatiful.

ÖyküKılıç's picture

Sweet :)

Swaggerific Dimplez's picture

Those kids are so luck.. wish i got that opportunity

brunito1998's picture

those kids are the most lucky kids of the the whole world because next to them is the most amazing man in the whole world , love more than everything buno ♥

Ewelina-00's picture

bruno mars i wish i was ur sis u would be talking me to your concerts and i would be singing with you as i know ur billionaire remix aswell as your nothin on you remix and i know da words too wid not lil mistake <3 u bruno mars

Ewelina-00's picture

these kids are soo lucky they got 2 meet bruno mars my wish is that one day i will meet him too

locked_out_of_heaven's picture

so cute :D

earthangel655's picture

bruno's face cracks me up

earthangel655's picture

dang bruno competitive much you got your game face on huh

Beatriz Rocha's picture

you guys are the three beautiful

Jordy 81's picture

Cool picture!! He is so Cute <3

Beatriz Rocha's picture

My name is Beatriz Rocha am 12 years old and I'm from Portugal.
I will not say "I love you" like most of your fans will just say I love your work, my favorite song is "Billionaire"
the music is very lively and ... I love it!
I liked you to come to Portugal ...

RaziaMdali's picture

Wow...did you c that one coming?LOL!so teritorial....?pshhh and people ask me y i love this guy.Takes good care of 'em!

Ida N's picture

why dont bruno put his hat off?!

HeatherThomas's picture

haha hmm..i wonder if he's gonna loose to the little girl? she looks like she is plotting her victory,no?

CsocsooHunter's picture

grown children.:)

MaryYellowLodge's picture

and i challenge you bruno haha

Ruth Vinegar's picture

Funny photo. Well focused, hey? Intelligent. When I'm playing i also try to be the most concentrated to be the winner. What game were they playing?

AnaRaquelRosaCouto's picture

i loved this photo!!!you`re so handsome!! i love you so so so much!!!!
<3BRUNOMARS you`re so sexy!!!

Lisa Curtis's picture

Everyone's saying "I Love You Bruno" but yoo dontt know the guy... Butt i havee 2oo admitt ,,, itt is a really cute pic :) ... tell them "Lisa sayss hello :)" ..hehe ...

ThaoTran's picture

I want to be your littlesister :)

Whateva&#039;'s picture

Little boy- I got this down

Little girl- almost there

Bruno- Damn, I have to beat these kids!!

BrunoJR-'s picture

let guess who's the winner..

NarellaOyarceHernandez's picture

q bello el como todos lo chikos en la play! jeje q bello sos!!!

IxtlalicManzo's picture