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Oh yeah, this happened.

Oh yeah, this happened.
Posted by Phredley
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EmiliexBruno's picture

Omg! :-O

Daynish's picture

Wow... that's a lot of hair...

Lola18113's picture


Mrs. Hernandez 3's picture

Oh wow... :/

Naomi_8's picture


Radda's picture

*sniff* *sniff* why *sobs quietly*

katelyn lil waynez luver's picture

he cut hiz dredz!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mickalea426's picture

NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!! WHY?????? YOU TELL ME NOW PREESH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

SierraMars's picture


Erin-Hooligan's picture

:O Thats alloooooooot of dreads! Bet his hair feels weird now! :L He looks so different without them! :D

FtooM Hernandez's picture

OMG why i like you'r hair

Belinda_4's picture


Belinda_4's picture

:O i bet he looks cute :)

floridatomars's picture

loooks waaay diff but still cool

Vanessa Rosa Silveira's picture

No!! creio...

AmandaB's picture

A man of action! That's what I'm talkin' about.

sophsx's picture

woahhhh, that's a lot of hair, your head must feel EXTRA light now haha