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Quincy Jones.. The greatest producer of all time! ‪#OG‬

Quincy Jones.. The greatest producer of all time! ‪#OG‬
Posted by Bruno Mars
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You and Q!! Love it!

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love love love love LOVE this photo <3

i really can't wait till you come back to englnd to tour :)

your last one was so amazing!

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Now, that is just a sweet picture!

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y love bruno

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they look so cuute together i love you BRUNOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

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bruno mars when u doin uk tour

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Damn!! Why he is so beautifull?!! You´re So Hot!♥♥ iF*cking love Yuh!!

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<3 <3 <3 <3!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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I Love You Brunoo <3

jane Johnson's picture are soooooooooooooooooo sexy:-)

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y love you just the way you are bruno mars

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I have often dreamed about this reunion and it came true!

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to lucky!!!!

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Ow quincy (y)

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nice ♥!

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Niceeeeeee and Awesomeeeeeee!! :-D

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bruno mars with quincy jones. AWESOMEEEE

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love you bruno mars! 4ever .. kisses

babybluzj2b's picture

Yeah, Quincy Jones looks good for his age along with Bruno Mars, of course!!! Quincy Jones helped paved the way for the late King of Pop, Michael Jackson.... Let's see if Bruno Mars will become the next King of Do-Woop??? Who knows what lays ahead :-D

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Bruno looks so great and he's with a legend...Quincy Jones!!! So amazing! :D

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nicee pic Bruno ;) ... butt please follow meh on twitter ... (lisicurtiss)

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Maybe one day you can work with him, it would be a success. hugs ruth : )

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Awesome! Your idol, right? I'm happy for you. Doing an interview, that's new.

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La entrevista ocurrio la semana pasada en Austin Texas.

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La entrevista en Tejas de Austin. Yo creo que un poco dia la semana pasado. (mi espanol no es bueno) Sorry if I don't make sense.

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Que genial ...pero donde esta la entrevista????