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Posted by Busy
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_Sandra97's picture

Can't smoking mess up your voice?

BMmania2's picture

Toujours avec la cigaratte celui la!!!!!! ^_^

Brunette's picture

Bruno Mars ! Smoking cigarettes is not healthy, as a matter of fact, the commercials PROVE that cigarettes are DEADLY ! I read that your mother wants you to QUIT smoking, so please QUIT ! I do not want to lose another idol, because my heart would not be able to go on ! Quit, quit, Quit ! Except for that cigarette, you are looking FANTABULOUS in that " leopard outfit ", on the cover of Rolling Stone magazine ! ( wink, wink ). I love you, and can hardly wait to see you in June ! By the way, I was suspended from You Tube, because I told off many commenters ! They were trying make you look bad ! I couldn't let them get away with that nonsense ! Heehee. For real !

Valeria08's picture

I love the way you smoke

Hope_Hudson's picture

<3 Bruno just looks gorgeous in any hat no matter how crazy it is,, he wears them soo well...I think its because he's soo amazing??

AndonetaSelimi's picture

love u sososososososososo <3

gotta go's picture

time for the truth you are an amazing singer im listening to you write now you look so amazing do you wee make up or is it natural?

Brunette's picture

Wee makeup ? If you meant to say WEAR MAKEUP, then it is reasonable to think that Bruno Mars does wear makeup, for stage and camera presence ! That is what ENTERTAINERS and Actors do ! Do you object?

Lil Jerk By Nature Malik's picture

our Hawaiian/Puetor Rican Lion has the ladies going crazy

Brunette's picture

Gee, you left out the Filipino side of Bruno Mars ! His mother is from the Philippines. So how about a Hawaiian/Peuerto-Filican American ? ! WE want to own him also ! Oops, Hawaii is a part of the U.S.A. ! You can't tell the Obama HATERS that is the truth, because they do not consider Hawaii a State, just an island ! They are IDIOTS ! Heehee. For real.

Fan1's picture

Marry Mee

itsy3bruno's picture

Your a HANDSOME guy! I love you bruno mars!

BrunoShahan mars98's picture

he is so cutee damn

Brunette's picture

Dayum-m-m-m ! I must AGREE with you ( on the " damn " portion ) ! Heehee. Bruno Mars is Fantabulous, and he is a FABTASTIC singer ! Boys are CUTE, but Bruno Mars is ALL man, so he is HANDSOME ! Okay ?

Willian Melo's picture

Pultzzzzzzzzzzzz Eu amo mto esse cara!!!

Mrs.Mars001's picture

your hot !

Fiona Mars's picture

such a hottie.xxxx

brunofever_2's picture

I want THAT magazine!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

rosimere medeiros's picture

I love this guy! I want him to me! so beautiful!

Roselyn's picture

cualquier cosa qe pueda decir se qeda corta!! Eres el Hombre perfecto.!!

mizzerry's picture


Funniii Kiikii's picture

I ? your hats... Where do you get them??!! I bet you from all over the world..

love to sing's picture

Bruno Mars my Mars Bar

JasSmeeze's picture

oooh maan

PinaColada.'s picture


Kimberly_Bruno_love's picture

I WANT TO MARRY HIM !!! he has got this sweet wonderful magnificent style that personifies a woman's beauty. his charm, voice, style and not to mention looks are just some of the reasons why this king has as many fans as he does I LOVE BRUNO MARS SO DAMN MUCH

Brunoo_Freak's picture

Loooooooooove Yaaaaaaaa ?

@Heyamandas's picture


BEERBRUNO's picture


Leilanny S.'s picture

Can I Be That Cigarette.!? ; D