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Why is Bruno so HOT?

Why is Bruno so HOT?
Posted by BrunoMarsian.
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DianaaaCortez's picture

Damn he is just to efin fine!!

dgorgo's picture

Does anyone know when this picture of Bruno was taken?? Great picture. So sexy

dgorgo's picture

I totally agree! Love everything about him. His fans don't ever want him to change. Bruno, you are "amazing just the way you are".

Brunella Venus's picture

He is sexy cause he is confident, talented, funny, sensitive, vulnerable, has nice teeth (lol), and he loved his mom.

hooligan_'s picture

sooo sexy! ;o

BrunoMarsian.'s picture


phoebe hernandez's picture

too much sexiness for the one pic but I LUV it so much

Erika Bush's picture

I can't take my eyes off of him....I would love to see him in concert.