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Xmas socks and yes I'm tweeting about my socks #RockAndRoll

Xmas socks and yes I'm tweeting about my socks #RockAndRoll
Posted by Bruno Mars
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BriiMars's picture

LOL cant believe i am just seeing this no lie I do the same thing!!!! except I don't care what people think so I wear them over my skinny jeans to the store and everything <3

stevekny7's picture

My girlfriend Cathy loves you and your socks too! She thinks you are hot!! We can't wait to see you in concert.

MagicButterfly's picture

it´s so cool!!!! i've got crazy and cool socks too ^^,

Julie_Mars's picture

He is crazy! I love it! :D <3

LindaWassenaar's picture

owyeah xmas spirit :D

Darlin's picture

I took pictures of my socks, too!!! I send them to a fan page on facebook!!! I Love You... and your socks!!! <3

jmbtown's picture

Those socks are so you; very fashionable!

iKellieMars's picture

love the socks but im really crazy about the shoes!

BrunoIsTotallyBoss's picture

Those are boss socks