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Bruno Mars It Will Rain Official Music Video

Bruno Mars It Will Rain Official Music Video
Posted by Bruno Mars WebCrew
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on November 10 2011
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Hine's picture

Wow sexy!!

Hine's picture

Love the song and video your the best Bruno Mars

ahoo's picture

so painful...

Giannina Osuna's picture

You are so PERFECT, i love you:((((((((((((((

mahdiye 2's picture

ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh wwoww

maripa's picture

One of my favorite song love it .

LisCaro23's picture

In particular are the most complete and talented.. Performer is in Venezuela and admires you need to come to give a concert at the earliest! Bruno enormous love you! Thanks for giving us your talent, your voice and beautiful lyrics. Say you're the best bit... I LOVE U

simona_b's picture

this is my favourite bruno song :)
love you bruno, you„re the best

Susan777's picture

I've seen so many groups in concert and bought so many different cd's through my life and I have to say that Bruno's voice is the most beautiful that I have ever heard.

Sunlight.J's picture

I wish you were my man and had sung this song for me.

ZoelAeae's picture

like this

Sakti's picture

i like this song:)

FilipeQuintiliano's picture

essa musica Young Girls e perfeita namoral :)

KatherineAstudillo's picture

I love this song!!!

LizbethOlivas's picture

Me hace reír mucho esa canción pero aun así me encanta *-*

MauryLéiaDiamante's picture

Amo essa musica

millipramita's picture

seharusnya aku tuh yang jadi model vc nya nyahahahaaaa

Valentinam's picture

I want to kiss him too! :(
He's so cute! He's the best!!! <333333333

EmmaFord's picture

hey boy your kiss was so awesome!!!:*

Raiani's picture


CristianeTrevisanTavares's picture

essa foi feita todinha para minnnnnnnnnnnnnnn

sofia_92's picture

This video is amazing,i love this song and of course bruno too

Paolita's picture

Amo esta cancion.....

MadalinaB's picture

I love this song Very Much,Because reminds me of my soul when i'm upset.<3 I love you,Bruno

KkeQuiithaszBejaranoHuerta's picture

bruno mars please answer me seriously I know you're not so wrong and seen all that your biggest fan would see that day not to and you think my computer has your photo image is nice to see you every day asking for answers porfa telo I love you knees

AmandaB's picture

Call me crazy, and I'm sure some of you will, but that Robert (?) Pattison guy.....he is sssooooo unattractive! Totally miss what you girls see in him. Throw Bruno in the pic and it's all over.

JohannaIrmaGomezZarate's picture

i love this song
it maks me feel happy
he obviously is the best but best singer in the entire world
i love him
i love his songs
definitely is my idol

Tseringsangye's picture


mom153's picture

My daughter just found her "Bruno" and I couldn't be happier!!

Frosty_SnowBear's picture

I know this is going to sound lame, but when it's the bit at the beginning on the sofa, I go all smushy gushy inside. We need more Brunos in the world. Anyone know where I can get one?