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Bruno Mars-Marry You

Bruno Mars-Marry You
Posted by BrunoMarsMagic
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on June 03 2011
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Bruno Mars- Montgomery, Alabama

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I_LovesBruno23's picture

he's so amazing!! ?

Jen25's picture

This is immense xxx Bruno you are A-m-a-z-i-n-g xx

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xxplicitsimpliciity's picture

Bruno Mars should Marry me

LenaTonby's picture

I love what he does in the beginning:D That voice!!!!! Im speechless

sophie_11's picture

i love the song marry you!

Teresa Conway's picture

This was such a wonderful day. I told my husband earlier today that I wasn't sure I would be able to enjoy other concerts now bc Bruno blew it Literally out of the park that day! He agreed. : )

Jormery's picture

Aww thank you so much for featuring the video I took! I can't wait to see Bruno Mars. I had a wonderful time w/ my friends! We love you Bruno!- It was great to meet you in Atlanta and see you again in Montgomery, AL. Thank you BrunoMarsMagic for sharing the video

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BrunoMarsMagic's picture

@SharMars I'd love the chance to experience that again. I really hope he adds more tour dates!!!!!

SharMars_2's picture

girl what a great time we had in montgomery lets do it again sooon

BrunoMarsMagic's picture

Jormery, I am so glad to have been standing next to you for the concert of a lifetime, and be able to take away a little bit of that day that shows our point of view to remember forever!

Caitlin Fahdoraa' Marss's picture

I like how it is at the beginning, with the like 60's style thing:)