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Fatin Shidqia Lubis | Grenade | Live X Factor 10 MEI 2013

Fatin Shidqia Lubis | Grenade | Live X Factor 10 MEI 2013
Posted by Abdi
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Abdi's picture
on May 10 2013
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JimmyRauRindengan's picture

her voice is much better than the actual singer...damn its so good

walbiyanto's picture

Your song and your website so famous thanks to Fatin SL

PermanaErry's picture

Mr. Bruno Iwant to tell you that Fatin is the Winner of XF Indonesia, and she gets a recording contract with Sonny Music, so give your news song to her... I hope ...

Brno's picture

Fatin voice is sucks !
she cannot sing my song very well !
Fatin just make me shame !

Garry Sipit's picture

Bruno please give her your new songs so she can sing your songs ,...

Brno's picture

Sorry her voice is too bad for my song
She always forgot song lyrics !

I would give my dick into her mouth !

IwanSetiawan's picture

wow fatin ....

TiaJo-Vin's picture

Wow... <3

walbiyanto's picture

I proud of you Mr. Bruno...You can make a sweet song.