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Fatin Shidqia Lubis - Grenade : X Factor Indonesia Auditions

Fatin Shidqia Lubis - Grenade : X Factor Indonesia Auditions
Posted by valeent_
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on January 21 2013
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Listen to this voice.
And come to sing..!

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RexaPerdana's picture

i like u a voice
i'm forever suport u fatin shidqia lubis

cahaya13's picture

Mantap bener suaranya, semanngat :)
Pusat PC

DerieNeiuyh's picture

progressive persist ..
I'm here always support you ..
never give up ..
continue your struggle ..

gembez's picture

fatin memang luar biasa, meskipun baru anak sma, tapi yang namanya bakat memang tidak memandang umur, suaranya khas sekali, setiap lagu yang dibawakannya selalu enak di dengar, di Indonesia banyak sekali yang mengagumi dan menunggu-nunggu penampilannya, maju terus.... By Bank Mandiri Bank Terbaik di Indonesia

ugie_apelijo's picture

very..veryy nice voice i love you fatin....
I ask for your support to give a surprise to feat with Fatin Shidqia Lubis

AgusFaisal's picture

awesome :D this voice like britney... gold voice.... good luck

johnmakesdc's picture

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conady's picture

Hello brono
I ask for your support to give a surprise to feat with Fatin Shidqia Lubis in X FACTOR INDONESIA

DasepGunawan's picture

nice song and nice voice.

ImamFaizalImamFaizal's picture

suarane fatin ki pancene .. uapik tenan rek , aku jan sueneng karo suarane dek.e .. suarane jan khas. jarang seng onok suoro koyok ngono iku .. support wes pokok.e

MuhArifSulistiyanto's picture

Leres mas

KriswoTrimuhardi's picture

Symbiotic mutualism, with Fathin present here the more people know who bruno and grenade song explode, ... with Fathin present here the public know there Fathin of Indonesia has a talented singer.. Hemmm bruno intelligent concept ... but the business concept to bruno ... prok .. prok .. prok ...

abifrmnsyh's picture

het yg comment org indonesia semua -___-

Puby's picture

Semangat Fatin...

DDN's picture

Let's go ahead Fatin they do not bother her prove that you can go international progressive persist

JatmikoFitriHamzah's picture

cool... love u fatin, go..go..go.. fatin

rickybayu's picture

Amazing... i love this one... love u fatin...

Sora_RV's picture

kerennnnnnnnnn banget suara nya

Tari_Aja's picture

Congra to fatin sukses trusss......keren banget tq for bruno to support for fatin

Izzat Arch's picture

Fatiiiin izzat n dedy like your voice,.. it's vrry beautyfullllllllllllllllllll,...

GinanenekgaulFalsDankit's picture

fatiiiiiin.... i like u voice

Herwan's picture

Fatin...wish u can duet with ur voice so...

15Ronda's picture

all about fatin, in my mobile

15Ronda's picture

fatin I love your voice, I love so much.

AdhieNoerhadivanAriel's picture

fatin your is a very very funtastic......

I luv u fatin

gitaminnie's picture

love your voice fatin,,, go,, go,,, fatin goooo !!!

ImadBachdim's picture

fatin, your voice is very very good

ahm3dino's picture

Fatin punya talenta yg luar biasa,, semoga makin bersinar di bawah mentor Rosa.
Love U Fatiinn,,,

MuhammadFajarRulersStrone's picture


MuhammadFajarRulersStrone's picture

don't stop watching HIM please ! it's really real vote !!