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Fatin Shidqia Lubis - Grenade : X Factor Indonesia Auditions

Fatin Shidqia Lubis - Grenade : X Factor Indonesia Auditions
Posted by valeent_
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on January 21 2013
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Listen to this voice.
And come to sing..!

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ArieFadliItuPedro's picture

good song Fatin,,,,,,,,,,,

makruef cjdw's picture

all indonesian people talking about it :D
and all about bruno mars ... i just say it's fantastic

DiyahErlinasari's picture

fatin makes me wanna know all about bruno mars.GBU Fatin&Bruno

DonAmroe's picture


DanangAyahEshal's picture

Maybe Bruno did'nt mind come to Indonesia, and take duo sing with Fatin,,
Right Bruno,, ??? We all love your song Bruno,,, BRAVOOO ....

Fatin keep fight yaaa !!!!

BayuuBaiiLahhII's picture

good luck for fathin shidqia lubis (Y)
the best for bruno mars

AndryAnny's picture

Fatin Shidqia Lubis... I really like your voice ... Go Go Go Fatin.. Jgn dengarkan anjing menggonggong....

HakkiA.Gohan's picture

Fatin... Your voice it's verry beutifull. I love you fatin.
Bruno mars, give your support for her...

TythaniaPramithapuri's picture

so original .... wow ..such a young age. ganbatte, fathin. bruno mars .... thanx for everything.

AdiSusetiyo's picture


RizkiSteveJGurning's picture

Go Fatin, I love your song,
To Mr. Bruno, Please Give her Support ,
Thanks :)

#Go Fatin for Indonesian Teenager Singer

ZoelAeae's picture

Like you voice Fathin

PidelAyub's picture

mantap suranya aku suka mendengar nya

AdhietsChristPapae's picture

please..jangan buat komentar di situs international yang bisa ngejatuhin citra indonesia..saling ngehina..saling debat ga karuan..ngebanding2in..dukung fatin yang wajar aja..jangan berlebihan..jangan buat indonesia semakin buruk hanya karena komentar yang ga enak dibaca...thanks

makruef cjdw's picture

it's like(spam) (n)

RudiRivano's picture

Keren pokoknya fatin....

otoy27's picture

Fatin.. suara kamu memang dahsyat & khas buanget, membuat hatiku bergetar.
Anugrah yang luar biasa....
saya dukung kamu... Fatin
Teruslah berikhtiar, smoga kamu yang jadi juaranya....
.... SEMANGAAT .....

EdhiSetyawan's picture

aku mengenal bruno dari lagunya fatin, goodluck bruno and fatin

saling indonesia's picture

thx bruno ..fatin is the best

IndahFWijaya's picture

love bruno mars <3

AndreCristian's picture

thx bruno

menyun's picture

wow great voice Fatin !!! (a young talented lady from Indonesia) thank you bruno mars let's support her on X Factor Indonesia

NurKasmanTandjung's picture

thanks Bruno and come to Indonesia and see Fatin voice it will be better ,., she need your support Bruno Mars

editampan's picture

thank you,Bruno
thank you, FAtin---I love your voice

java34rth's picture

Fathin sound character and a very young age, there are still many opportunities to further develop the character of her voice and was able to go international future and may be the owner of the original song duet with Bruno Mars. Bravo Fatin and Bruno Mars ...

AanAtauHamdan's picture

FaTiN MeMaNg wow Dah...
iNdonesia Bangga punya Fatin...
go fatin i like you...
and thanks for Bruno Mars aNd Fatin Shidqia Lubis

Yuu Nakamura's picture

Awesome,, amazing voice,,
still very young yet got a great talent...

CintaIndonesia's picture

Thank you, Bruno, for uploading this Fatin's video. Knew your song from her. She's good, ain't she? Good luck to both of you! - Love Indonesia

igam's picture

Very Good girl.. Wonderful voice.. Go Fatin...

IndrayaniIndahSyachLam's picture

amazing.. gr8 job.. good voice... love u n' lov ths song... bruno... :)