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Fatin Shidqia Lubis - Grenade : X Factor Indonesia Auditions

Fatin Shidqia Lubis - Grenade : X Factor Indonesia Auditions
Posted by valeent_
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on January 21 2013
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Listen to this voice.
And come to sing..!

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jaya gunawan's picture

jempolan deh buat yg 1 ini... salam kenal fatin

RetNoWahyuningsih's picture

Amazing Fatin,... ^_^ Like your voice,..

alfried's picture

We Like your voice Fatin, Let's appalling the world with your voice

DeepFreeze's picture

i like this song because fatin :)

DeepFreeze's picture

wow i like this song.

FajarIfana's picture

fatin kami bangga memiliki km... dan kami berharap fatin mampu bumingkan dunia.. bersama brunomars..!!!

Sakti's picture

i'Like fatiiiiiiiiiiiiin...........
maju terus pantaang mundur buktikan kamu pasti bisa.......

EllaÁngelesAzules's picture

I just want to cry when i hear her voice
AGNES kalah deh :D

Efendz's picture

wow pick a plus for my match ;)

Deeandra's picture

Indonesians, please don't be too much, she's great and I'm proud of her but being overreacting is just gonna humiliate ur own country, just stay cool and keep supporting her is better than trying to compare her to it's original singer or any other artists.

Milka-chan's picture

INDON ni lebay sangat . klo org malon pasti bilang gitu

JegezrOOnImvu's picture

NI cikgu Lebay sangat juga dah LEBAY <<< kan bahasa indon ni adeh cpk dah

rak al khaimah's picture

from your name i know you ....

Firman_pillo's picture

you don't forget pray, cause pray you get the WINNER....???
I LOVE you FATIAH <3 ;)

Namidaeru's picture


MochammadDikyDarmawan's picture

Fatin Shidqia Lubis you're so pretty and cute ...

I really like your voice ...

X0R's picture

Fatin, you have a great voice, hopefully become a winner and all your dreams come true.

0^0 == handshake

Black Seulanga's picture

Had many people comment Indonesian
Where strangers comment
I want to hear

Tatia41's picture

She will more popular than Psy, if she can find good song better than gangnam style.
Go go International Indonesian cute smart girl, Fatin Horas bah boru Lubis!

ansy's picture

fatin you're so cool and also have a great voice. owh i envy to you.but i always support you. go fatin..always humble ok

YuliAfriyandi's picture

Ada artis yg ngaku2nya sudah go internasional tapi suaranya biasa2 aja,... nah klo ini tanpa embel2 artis,..tanpa ngaku2 go internasional,..tapi suaranya sudah sekelas artis internasional,...luar biasaa,...salut untuk Fatin,...tetep kalem ya,...

Budi Dayun's picture

she's cute.. ^^,

wongedan's picture

maju terus..yg penting tetap berusaha & rendah diri..

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LyaDhalia's picture

i like it fatin

tyadewi's picture

go go go indonesia.... to international! go.. go.. fatin is a luck girl. she's the best!

i love indonesia #surabaya! to muuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuch....

jerry joe's picture

fatin increase your ability, you have a talent base for this,,,
success for fatin,, GBU

GenxHooligans's picture

WOW Amazing voice!!!

NatashaM.Hendrawan's picture

i'm Indonesian and i'm so shame about this issue
please dont compare Bruno mars with her , that's still early and i'm fan of her voice , Fatin.

when carly rose (13 years old) who was runner up of X factor US , sing It will rain and she so adorable and nailed it , no one of her fans doing like this . even if Carly rose voice, performance and technical so very much better than Fatin (sorry). and please dont overact about her. Her voice is MEDIOCRE , even alot of girls in bootycamp round has voice like that

Please dont compare her with agnes monice and other indonesian artis who want to go international , thats so childish . Have u ever thinking how hard agnes to got position until now, and you said " Agnes monica gak ngakuin Indonesia ! ".

MahonaraKimpoi's picture

Tapi yg dia omongin juga gk sepenuhnya salah , Mayoritas orang indonesia itu suka lebay sama yg namanya suatu hal yg WAH tiba2 , msh inget Video Caiya-caiya sama video lipsing lebay yg lain ? skrg mereka jd apa !!!
please jgn melebih-lebihkan sesuatu , biarkan fatin yang msh baru, berusaha mencapai impiannya .Kita hny bisa mendukung dan berdoa yg terbaik untuk dia , bukannya ngebanding-banding dgn siapa lah , apalagi sama Bruno Mars ,JANGAN JADI ORANG YANG FANATIK Come on ! Shame on you guys

Apalagi gw sbg Agnezious , baca komen2 SAMPAH DIBAWAH KESEL BANGET sumpah , lo banding2 Fatins ama Agnes yg jam terbangnya dah jauh banget, gimana agnes kerja keras dr kecil. sdgkan dia juga belom jd apa2, dan ditambah ngejelek-in dia pula o my god . INI NIH JELEKNYA orang INDONESIA.