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Gorilla [Official Music Video]

Gorilla [Official Music Video]
Posted by Thanh_2
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on October 16 2013
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Cutebrunomars's picture

I love all the song of this sexy guy (Bruno Mars ) ☺❤❤

MaricarmenRoyo-Hilton's picture

Boy!!! this guys has so much talent!!!! WOW WOW WOW, SPEACHLESS.

mora's picture

ohhhh este video fue uno de los mejores, pero todos me gustaron ,por que novienes a PERÚ aqui hay muchas holligans :)

ggagen97's picture

This was one of the best, if not the best song he performed when I went so see him in Manchester on the 5th of October! I'm soooooooo excited to see him live again in Liverpool next month!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

hooligan_'s picture

OK to everyone that think this video is nasty as shit and they don't like it: Bruno won't stay the same people! he'll do all the stuff that other artists do, like (for example) nasty videos, because he wants fame.. they all do it.. accept that.. that's how they become rich&famous. I'm supporting him in everything he does #hooliganthing

hooligan_'s picture

I love it so much! it's really awesome! but I have to say it's nasty though... I mean I think it sort of supposed to be because the whole song is basically about sex so.. :)

LoveIsUrMusic's picture

Please, Bruno do not fall into the trend of shock and vulgar your fans love your music just the way you are with out all the nasty.

LoveIsUrMusic's picture

I'm sorry, but I did not like this one Bruno. This just does not seem like you, take a look at all your previous songs (especially the ones that made you famous) this does not portray you as the way we all know and love your music.

Susan777's picture

Thought they were going to show the Gorilla. Boo. Everything should be cut out of that video except the singing and the back seat and the lights should be turned up.

Susan777's picture

All those lips make me sick!