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"More Today Than Yesterday" - The Big Show on 95.5 'PLJ

"More Today Than Yesterday" - The Big Show on 95.5 'PLJ
Posted by Bruno Mars WebCrew
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Bruno Mars WebCrew's picture
on April 29 2011
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Bruno Mars played his cover of Spiral Staircase's "More Today Than Yesterday" live in the Big Show studios on 95.5 'PLJ! More at

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crystalnwhite's picture

You are such a great singer and I wish I could sing with you!!!!:-)

sisviv13's picture

this the most beautiful radiation of this song..and its just a sound check! wow Bruno is the exception! just wonderful..!

CeciiAcevedo's picture

You have the most perfect voice and lauqh!!!

ALOHABABY's picture

So much talent and SEX appeal!!! LUV U Bruno ;)

dirina's picture

Can I just say, that I LOVE the way you sing this song, so awesome! You should really release this.....just saying. <3

iKellieMars's picture

sooo sexy(;

LauraEspinal's picture

love ur voice.♥

brunito1998's picture

love it !♥

SaraLoganHoneycutt's picture

Is there any thing that he can't do!!!BRUNO YOUR JUST THE BEST !!!

Geovanni Arismendez's picture

I have 72 songs by bruno mars (just saying) and this is one of themm that i listen to in a daily basis xD

irina Campbell's picture

love it

BrunoMarsian.'s picture

what instrument can't he play, too much talent, overload <3<3<3<3<3

nerdherd93's picture

love ur voice. sounds amazing always

Linda Kearse's picture

Thank you for the music. Your talent is endless.

ANGGREINA's picture


gvwmars's picture

dear Bruno,
with lots and lots of love,

Katrin1510's picture

more today than yesterday

Mimi Le's picture

wow!!! wish my bf could sing just as smooth! LOL

Tracie Howell's picture

I think God Blessed us WELL with Bruno and Phil.

SerenBall's picture

waaaaaaaah! I also fell in love with you!!

Linda Moor's picture

i am 63 years young. I think Bruono is awesome. Love his voice, love his moves, love his band also. Just a breath of fresh air. Go big young man.

Helo BM's picture

I have a picture of you and I kiss that picture every day ... and I'm also his biography in my wardrobe, along with photo ...

Smash's picture

I love this song! It always stuck in my head! lol :D

Virginia Suarez's picture

Your voice is unique, Bruno !! Im in love with youuuuuu

Luz_2's picture

no puede ser mas hermoso! lo amoo

Michael_23's picture

i love bruno mars

Annnaa's picture


doreen dacken's picture

Wow Bruno, we love you more today than yesterday. Thanks for sharing this video, felt like we were in the room with you!!!! Doreen and Rissa

Ard Lonelyboyz's picture


Dassine's picture

please just say you want mmmmmmeeeeeeeeee !!!!