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My Proposal Marry You

My Proposal Marry You
Posted by lizz_e
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lizz_e's picture
on August 21 2011
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Claremont, NH..Eli Ellis surpises his girlfriend Lizz Andre at their Karaoke Contest they are both in by singing Bruno Mars' "Marry You". This is also Lizz's birthday so she thinks he's singing for her birthday..SURPRISE!! He got so nervous he fumbled a little on the words in the beginning..the best proposal EVER! Both HUGE fans of Bruno!!! Enjoy!

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trisha2011's picture

This was by far the most amazing and special proposal I have ever seen!!! Lizzy and Eli you totally deserve this!! amazing job!!!!

theEman's picture

Im the one who sang this lol. Names Eli. I swear I've sang it better before, just had a lot going on that night if ya know what I mean lol. So if you do see this Bruno...first of all you're awesome. Love your music. There are few singers out there who feel what they sing anymore. And second, really hope you enjoy!..I also love doing Grenade, Just The Way You Are and Talkin' To The Moon!