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When I Was Your Man [Official Video]

When I Was Your Man [Official Video]
Posted by Bruno Mars WebCrew
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on February 05 2013
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cufi's picture

Come to ,come to...need to clone.

enul pieykah's picture

I love all bruno mars song

RobertoDonoso's picture

Muy buena la canción perfecta para dedicar a la chica ideal, espero que en un futuro vengas a VENEZUELA y poder ir a tu concierto y dedicar la cancion Just The Way You Are.
Very good the perfect song to dedicate the ideal girl, I hope that in the future come to VENEZUELA and able to go to your concert and dedicate the song Just The Way You Are.

DeboraEmingrová's picture

Best song for me :-*

lylycka's picture

i love all about Bruno!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Rikkian Shaw's picture

how about running away with me instead?

VanessaRamos's picture

please come to Peru

Maariajrc's picture

You're perfect.! Come to Venezuela

crazygirl2011's picture

such a beautiful song. so many ppl need to listen to the lyrics. they can be an eye opener for those who haven't realized what they should be doing for their special someone, hopefully before they lose them.

MarianaAsencio's picture

esta genial el video *-* <3
some of my favorites..! ;)

lalmaraz2's picture

my sis replayed this song over and over, I learned all the words in one day...these lyrics are amazing. It's what every woman wants to hear after a break up.

Gail Giese's picture

I love every song on Unorthodox Jukebox. Such a talent. Amazing voice and really easy to look at.

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kimberry's picture

love this song and video amazing but that woman in the video crying just made it even sadder
other than that its all wow

adimas putra wicaksono's picture

so great!

phoebe hernandez's picture

love the video clip i want flowers from u any day

jazznazz's picture

what about the people in Germany??? where/how can we watch it?

cynthia_83's picture

I love flowers!! Love your song!!

louie john antoniega's picture

unorthodux juke bow is so amazing.... :)

Suciaty Agung Prabowo's picture

i like the song. ;)

Queenle Rita's picture

my favorite song (;