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Count On Me - Bruno Mars ( Rj Lim Cover)

Count On Me - Bruno Mars ( Rj Lim Cover)
Posted by dancingkhai
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on October 08 2011
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*watch in HD*
please share this and retweet! let's get Bruno to see this! :)

We wanted to make this video for Bruno Mars Birthday (Oct 8th) ! Happy birthday and we hope you enjoy this video

Artist: Rj Lim
twitter: @rjaybay
youtube: rjaybay

Director: Khai Nguyen
twitter: @khainguyen10

and oops! ice cream girl #1 is KAMILLE LOPEZ!! sorry!! i dont know why i wrote someone else's name

thank you to everyone that helped and made this possible!
Be on the look out for more music by Rj Lim!!

Original Music: Bruno Mars - Count on me

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hey everyone! check out the video we made for bruno's bday! help us get him to watch it! :)

share it if you enjoy'd it!